Wadias allege threat call from fugitive gangster

A Wadia employee has filed a police complaint saying the caller identified himself as Ravi Pujari and asked them to not ‘get involved in the Preity Zinta matter’.

| Mumbai | Published: June 19, 2014 12:23:11 am


An employee of the Wadia group has filed a complaint with the NM Joshi Marg police, alleging that she and her colleague received threat calls from a person claiming to be fugitive gangster Ravi Pujari in connection with the ongoing row between Ness Wadia and actor Preity Zinta.

“Two female staff members of the Wadia group received threat calls and text messages. They are personal assistants to Nusli Wadia and have received a total of five phone calls and two text messages from a man identifying himself as Ravi Pujari. A case has been registered under section 506 (2) of the Indian Penal Code and has been handed over to the anti-extortion cell,” Mumbai Police Commissioner Rakesh Maria said Wednesday.

Detailing the sequence of events, an officer with the NM Joshi Marg police said, “On June 16, one of Wadia’s PAs received a call on the office landline. The caller asked for Wadia. The PA informed him that Wadia was not in office and asked him to try later. The person called once again later in the day, when the call was received by another PA. However, she could not hear him well and called back using her cellphone. She still failed to hear him and hung up, and some time later, she got two text messages from the number saying, Preity Zinta ke matter me mat pado — Ravi Pujari (Do not get involved in the Preity Zinta matter — Ravi Pujari).”

Maria said the phone calls were not recorded by the PAs and that investigations were under way on the basis of the number from which the text messages were received. “We spoke to the cellular service provider of the number and they have informed us that the number is from Iran,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Marine Drive police have asked for the Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) camera footage from Sony Television, which had the telecasting rights for Indian Premier League (IPL) matches during which the argument between Ness Wadia and Preity Zinta is alleged to have occurred. The police have asked for footage from 90 cameras at the Wankhede Stadium through the Board of Control of Cricket in India (BCCI).

On Wednesday, Zinta’s lawyer informed the Marine Drive police that she would soon be coming to give a supplementary statement. “Preity has not named any witnesses in her complaint,” Maria said.


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