Victim’s mobile, computer sent for forensic tests

The officer said they would also check Shukla’s phone to find out who she had been chatting with.

| Mumbai | Published: July 6, 2014 1:11:03 am
 While the survey comprised figures till 2008 in Bathinda and Mansa — where around 3,000 farmers committed suicide — in the remaining districts, the figures were till 2010. Shukla was found hanging in a room at her relative’s house.

Two days after a 21-year-old second-year Bachelor of Arts student committed suicide in Palghar, the police have sent her phone and computer for forensic analysis. According to the student’s family, she took the extreme step after she was scolded by her elder sister for being addicted to chatting with a boy on her phone and computer.

The police have said the family has not lodged a complaint, and that an accidental death report has been filed, as per practice in suicide cases. However, they said they would examine the family’s claims as the student, who is a native of Uttar Pradesh, had committed suicide at another relative’s house three days after she was allegedly scolded.

The deceased, identified as Upma Shukla, had come to her sister’s house in Palghar for vacations. “We are recording the statements of Shukla’s parents who have come from Uttar Pradesh, to corroborate her sister’s statement that she was addicted to chatting on her mobile phone and computer,” said an officer from Palghar police station.

The officer said they would also check Shukla’s phone to find out who she had been chatting with. “Shukla’s parents are in a state of shock. We will be recording their statements as soon as possible,” added the officer. On Thursday evening Shukla was found hanging in a room at her relative’s house. Her sister Mahima Tiwari said Shukla was addicted to chatting on a mobile application and had been scolded by her many times.

Police Inspector N Mainkar from Palghar police station said Mahima’s family members had told them that three days ago, the two sisters had fought over this issue and Shukla had called her brother Gaurav in New Delhi and told him to take her away from Palghar. Gaurav told her to shift houses and stay with another relative, the police said. Shukla then shifted residence to her relative Vinod Dubey’s bungalow in Navli, Palghar.

On Thursday, after watching a TV serial, Shukla went for her afternoon nap and locked the door from the inside. While the relatives were sleeping, a postman finding the main door locked, went to the rear part of the bungalow to find a door to deliver a letter. He was confronted by a woman, who was Shukla’s relative. When the postman told that he wanted to deliver a letter,  she took him in.
However, when the woman was crossing Shukla’s room, she found there was no response. Since the bungalow was an old structure, the door opened, and she was shocked to find Shukla hanging from the ceiling fan in the room with a dupatta.

“We were informed about the incident and sent the woman’s body for a post mortem to the J J Hospital and its report is awaited. We are now finding out whether a tiff with Mahima, her elder sister, is the reason for her death or she had spoken to someone else over her phone, which led to her committing suicide,” said Mainkar.

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