Traffic police data: In 2016, cars accounted for most accidents in Mumbai

“A large percentage of accidents on roads involve damage to vehicles, like small dents,” said a traffic police official.

Written by Srinath Rao | Mumbai | Published: January 11, 2017 2:14:58 am

Cars accounted for close to half of the 24,639 accidents on Mumbai roads last year. Accidents involving cars also caused maximum fatalities and serious injuries in 2016. Data obtained from the Mumbai Traffic Police shows that 2016 witnessed a thousand more accidents than in 2015. Until November 2016, there were 438 fatal accidents in which 467 people were killed, while 2,304 people were seriously injured in 1,874 accidents. In the entire 2015, 611 people were killed in 586 accidents and 2,482 were seriously injured in 2,034 accidents, the police said.

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However, car drivers were responsible for the death of 109 people in 98 accidents and causing serious injuries to 751 people in 620 accidents.

The data also showed that an additional 329 people sustained minor injuries in 228 accidents. According to the traffic police, cars accounted for 162 fatalities in 119 accidents in 2015 while 786 people were seriously hurt in 632 accidents.

But of the 9,655 accidents that involved cars last year, 8,709 were those in which no physical harm was caused to pedestrians, passengers and drivers. “A large percentage of accidents on roads involve damage to vehicles, like small dents,” said a traffic police official. In 2016, there were 21,671 such accidents.

In 2016, motorcycle riders were responsible for a total of 2,784 accidents, of these, 101 were fatal accidents and caused 104 deaths. Further 674 people were seriously injured in 545 accidents. Motorcycles were just as deadly on the roads in 2015, with 169 people killed in 162 accidents and 781 people killed in 645 accidents, the data shows.

Last year, lorries (36), dumpers (25) and auto-rickshaws (24), also accounted for a significant number of deaths on the road, the data shows.

Among the 12 most populated Indian cities, Mumbai registered fourth highest road accidents (586), behind Delhi, Chennai and Bengaluru. However, Mumbai had the most number of accidents (19,635) in which only vehicles were damaged. By contrast, Kolkata recorded only 1,174 such no-injury accidents, while Indore and Bengaluru registered 1,073 and 8,956 such cases respectively.

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