Timely coordination of Pune, Mumbai, Chennai docs gives liver patient fresh lease of life

. A liver transplant could cost more than Rs 25 lakh at a private hospital.

Written by Tabassum Barnagarwala | Mumbai | Updated: June 29, 2014 5:41:46 am

A 49-year-old Pune resident suffering from acute liver failure, recently underwent a split liver transplant in 24 hours, thanks to swift coordination between doctors from Pune, Mumbai and Chennai, and government authorities. The woman – who slipped into coma even before going under the knife – was donated a lobe of the liver by her 24-year-old son.

Gunwanti Gundesha, a homemaker, started showing symptoms of liver failure towards the end of May. “First, I was suffering from jaundice, following which I was down with fever. My family admitted me to Ruby hospital in Pune, but my condition worsened. We had not immediately found out that I was suffering from acute liver failure,” Gunwanti said.

Her younger son Dhiraj Gundesha, who donated a part of his liver, said  though a swelling on his mother’s liver was discovered, they did not consider it as a sign of liver failure. “We thought that when she would be cured of jaundice, the swelling would reduce. However, later the doctors in Pune told us that she should be shifted to the Mumbai hospital and be immediately operated up on,” said Dhiraj.

In a split liver transplant surgery, a part of the liver is removed from the body of one person and implanted into the patient’s liver. A liver transplant could cost more than Rs 25 lakh at a private hospital.

Dr Hemant Vadeyar, liver transplant surgeon at Parel’s Global hospital, said, “Generally, it takes seven to ten days to complete all the formalities to get a green signal for a transplant. In this case, the government was proactive and ready to hold a meeting quickly. We had also conducted all the required tests of donors as soon as possible.”


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