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Time to Party Rock

Sky Blu, one half of the dance-pop act LMFAO, will debut songs from his solo album, and mix it up with his chart-topping tunes.


To name a song Party Rock Anthem is such a presumptuous stunt but this has defined LMFAO’s music. This irreverent tune put the dance-pop act on the global map in 2012, and the band found themselves in the Top 10 of most music charts across the world. Their songs Champagne showers, Sorry for the party rocking, Shots and Sexy and I know it, have become dance floor hits that are still played at clubs in the city. But amidst this success, RedFoo and Sky Blu, the founders of LMFAO, decided to take some time apart, a musical separation of sorts. But they are adamant that they haven’t split.

Sky Blu already has an album due for release in July, and is coming to town with a mix of LMFAO material and his new songs. The singer talks about his irreverence, rocking parties, and finding a new identity.

Being the grandson of Berry Gordon, the founder of MoTown, you come from a rich history of music. Does the weight of this legacy bog you down?


On the contrary, I feel fortunate to have been born here. It’s where my whole life started and is a big reason for who I am today and what I do. It’s the reason I get to party all over the world. We were like the rappers, the rebels in our family. We’d rap at our family Christmas parties. It was cool, everyone secretly loved it. It was amazing to be in the presence of so many great people as I was growing up, and to understand what really drives them.

Give us an insight into your journey as an artiste before I’m in Miami bitch?

When you’re a kid, you mimic others while trying to figure out who you are. I was around amazing musicians such as Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder. That contributes to how I am and how I operate. All of these great songwriters left an impression on me. The evolution of LMFAO is just a reflection of who we are. We started by producing music and then DJing as a way to play our tunes in the clubs. We tried to break that sound in mainstream clubs in Hollywood.

How hard do you rock a party in real life?

I love to party. Party by the beach, in the club, in the house. It’s the music that makes the party rock so without doubt I can rock a party. I don’t remember anything the next day so I can’t tell you any of the wacky stuff I do.

In your solo album, you have promised that people will get to see a different side of you. Tell us about this new path.

Go on girl is the first single from the Party President project. There are many surprises in store, so people have to stay tuned and watch. I wanted to give people a good eight-song album that shows the diversity in my work. I have fun songs that make people laugh and music that’s sometimes edgier and serious.

Would your fans accept this serious side?

What our fans loved most was the craziness and the wackiness we gave them to just let loose and make it a night to remember. Considering I’m still doing that, I haven’t seen my fans complaining. The music that will be coming in the future will be a real shock. I can’t wait for that.

What can India expect at your gig?

I have never been to India but I expect to have the best show of my life. I’m a big fan of the culture, and I am a practitioner of meditation. I plan to generate enough electromagnetic connectivity where the whole mass of land rises and orbits the sun on its own terms.

Sky Blu performs at The Lalit, Andheri (E), on March 9