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Sunday, July 22, 2018

The significance of freedom

15th August is of great importance for it marks the end of the imperialism and colonialism in India.

Published: August 26, 2013 12:09:31 am

15th August is of great importance for it marks the end of the imperialism and colonialism in India. But as we celebrate our 67th Independence Dat this year we need to ask ourselves,what is its significance to us today.

Is Independence Day only the nation’s leaders unfurling the Tricolour? Singing national anthem? Slogans? Parades? Competitions? Unfortunately,entangled in our hectic schedule,we are no longer able to be at a parade or sing the national anthem unless attending an Independence Day function. So what does Independence Day really mean?

According to me,applauding the common man for stoically facing the blunders of our leaders,economic and social insecurity,rupee falling and still wholeheartedly saying: “I love my India for what she is”,is Independence Day.

It means asking for what we should do for our motherland,and pledging to extend our help to the needy. And making India a better place to live is Independence Day.

This way,we will celebrate the end of all evil holding back our country from progress like our predecessors did back in 1947. Finally,remembering that each one of us is an ambassador of our nation,a partner in the progress of our motherland,and thus contributing to creating a glorious history for the next generation is what Independence Day is to me.

Anjur Mishra,VIII-A,

Birla School,Kalyan

It is more than 60 years since we achieved freedom. When we look back,can we feel happy?

Have our dreams about a prosperous India been realized? Independence means to be free and able to make decisions on your own. Independent India faced some problems which were unprecedented. For me,freedom is the basis of our lives,because it allows us to aspire for and achieve greatness. What would we do if we did not have the ability to say “no”,or be creative? How about not being able to attend school,choose our spouse,or work wherever we desired? If we did not have these privileges,it would be nearly impossible to progress.

With freedom,we are allowed to do whatever we choose to,in order to improve our lives,financial situations,and the world. This is why freedom is so important — it keeps our world running,often without us being aware of it. Freedom also creates and embraces diversity,because all people are unique. We are allowed to express our differences because of freedom,and therefore can create opportunities and friendships.

Heenal Banga,VIII-b,

Birla School,Kalyan

What does independence mean? What about parades and flag,time with family,or television?

My view is a little different although it may include some or all of the above,that is not what it is about.

If you ask me,Independence Day means the sacrifices made by our ancestors to gain freedom. It is an emotional topic and still a sore point with a lot of Indians. I realise that our fight for freedom was much longer and painful. But,isn’t it time we got over the hurt? And by getting over,I do not mean that we forget our special day and move on,but,to look back at it with pride. That was a time when we fought for our existence and survival. This is a time when the world takes notice of us and looks at us to solve problems of economy and technology. That thought makes me proud. It should be a happy moment for us that we have brought this country so far and yet so close to what our forefathers had dreamed.

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru,in his speech as the first Prime Minister of free India said: “A moment has come,which but comes very rarely in history,when we step out from the old to the new,when an age ends,and when the soul of a notion long suppressed,finds utterance… we end today a period of ill-fortune and India discover herself again”.

After so many years of independence,we are still not free completely. I would like to play my role in making my country free of corruption,poverty,unemployment,etc. I would like to build an environment of social cohesion with all citizens as equal partners,irrespective of their religion,caste,region or language.

“If you are ashamed to stand by your colours,you better seek another flag”.

Palak. M . Shah,viii-a,

Birla School,Kalyan

We celebrate the Independence Day on 15th August to show our respect and gratitude towards the freedom fighters. We also celebrate this day to encourage the future generation about our history and to fan the flame of patriotism in their hearts. This day is celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm. Nowadays,our youth is conducting various campaigns to remove social inequality. They ask for donations from the wealthy for the sake of poor. This generation is getting inspired from Gandihji,Jawharlal Nehru and Mother Teresa who thought and worked for the welfare of the society. We hope that we will celebrate our Independence Day in a unique way,which will be for the welfare of our country. “Tufano se dar kar nauka paar nahi hoti,koshish karne walo ki kabhi har nahi hoti”.

Vaishnavi Harishchandar Mandavkar,

IX-B,St Lawrence High School,Kandivli (E)

The battle for freedom was not a lay man’s job. Every citizen contributed his share in the struggle. The dictionary of human feeling would prove insufficient to explain the importance of freedom. When our dream comes true,our happiness knows no bounds. But all this was possible owing to matchless sacrifice of our national heroes.

This is the day when people rejoice. On this day,people brush aside differences and cherish the feeling of oneness. Everywhere,there is of joy,pride and zeal. Today,it has become one of the festivals of India which leaves an indelible mark in young minds. It is our moral duty to safeguard India’s freedom and integrity.

Musharraf Parwaiz,XI B

St. Joseph’s High School & Jr. College,Kalamboli

‘Where the mind is without fear and head is held high… into that heaven of freedom,father,let my country awake’. These words of Rabindranath Tagore encouraged the people to fight for freedom during the British raj. Our country gained freedom on 15th August 1947. The bravery and courage of several freedom fighters helped us to gain independence. This day is celebrated with great joy and pomp every year. On this day,flag hoisting is done in every corner of India. This day encourages us to fight for our country,no matter what condition we are in. It is our right and responsibility to keep India independent for the coming years.


Sai Nehete,VIII-A,Cambridge School,Kandivli (E)

On 15th of August 1947,India achieved independence after centuries of slavery. It was a historic event. India became free after a long struggle and countless scarifies. The Tricolour was hoisted on the red fort.

Elaborate arrangements are made for the flag hoisting ceremony. The main function starts at 7.30 am.

The Prime Minister unfurls the National Flag and as he does so,the national anthem is sung by schoolchildren. Twenty-one gun shots are fired in honour of the solemn occasion. The Prime Minister then addresses the nation,reminding the people of the sacrifices made by countless men and women to help win India freedom. On this auspicious day,we should make up our minds to remain united.

Shettiyar Laxmi Lingam,VI -A

Father Agnelo High School,Malad

We achieved freedom,thanks to the efforts of leaders such as Mahatma Gandhi asnd Jawaharlal Nehru. Today after 67 years,this day is proudly celebrated in India. The real reason and significance of this celebration is for us to remember the non-violent battle led by our national heroes. Had it not been for their sacrifice and bravery we would not have been relishing the joy of freedom. I salute all those martyrs.

As a young and responsible citizen of this nation,I urge my fellow citizens to strive and work collectively to help realise the dream making India a superpower.

Saumya James,XI F

St Joseph’s High School & Jr. College,Kalamboli

A red letter day in the history of India is 15th August,1947. India achieved independence on this day from British rule,after centuries of occupation. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru,the first Prime Minister of India,hoisted the Tricolour at the Red Fort. Thereafter,August 15 is celebrated as Independence Day and a national holiday. Independence Day reminds us about our freedom fighters who lost their lives to save India.

For me celebrations take place all over country with joy and pride. In Delhi,this day is especially significant. Here,the celebrations are elaborate and the main attraction is the Red Fort. ‘Vijayi vishwa tiranga pyaara,jhanda uncha rahe hamara’.

Niladree N Taksande,viii- a,Birla School,Kalyan

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