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Rehab is for quitters’,‘I’m surrounded by idiots’ are slogans that appear on tees designed by these mavericks.

Written by PriyankaPereira | Published: February 18, 2009 4:37:20 am

Here are the names behind the seams of Mumbai’s young and trendy T-shirt designers who dish out funky and affordable stuff

Name Pranav Kapur and Abhir Khanna
Label Bluebustees

Rehab is for quitters’,‘I’m surrounded by idiots’ are slogans that appear on tees designed by these mavericks. Collectors of funky T-shirts from around the world,they launched their own brand six months ago. They then launched a website bluebustees.com,to exhibit and sell their work. “The T-shirts made of pure cotton are manufactured in

Tirpur,Tamil Nadu,and are sold via internet in Mumbai,” says

Kapur who feels lack of space has forced them resort to online means. “We have two sections: Parents-approved tees and Parents-not-approved tees in four sizes,all priced at Rs 300. You can place the order online and we have it couriered,” says Kapur. At 28,they still have a lot to offer. Next in line are tees with Bollywood slogans—Mere paas maa hai,Jhakaas and Kutte,main tera khoon pee jaaoonga.

Name Fenil Parikh
Label Gafink

Ten years ago,the average person wasn’t overly impressed with the artistic works of tattoo-ers such as Sailor Jerry and Ed Hardy. Today,their style of tattoo art is a hot commodity and Fenil Parekh is one such designer propagating it. “I love tattoos and graffiti art. So I thought of mixing both and printing it on T-shirts. Also I wanted to bring this western concept to India,” says the 22-year-old who sources plain T-shirts locally and then works on the designs at home. “Plain tees can be dull and boring. I try to jazz it up by introducing themes like rock and hip hop.” Priced between Rs 400 – 500,Parekh hopes to have his designs at The Loot soon. For the moment you can reach him on his e-mail fenil123@gmail.com.

Name Nidhi Singh and Gaurav Gupta

NIdhi Singh is no placard-holding,rebelling eco-fundamentalist. Instead she lets her organic cotton eco-friendly T-shirts do the talking. “Indigreen started with the basic idea of making eco-friendly fashion easily available to more people. As of now,there are only a small amount of people who are actually aware of issues like climate change and global warming. Fewer make green choices when they are out shopping,” says Singh who started this venture with Gaurav Gupta. The theme of their tees is ‘Go Green Bollywood Style’ and they make use of non-toxic,child-safe dyes. “Our signature T-shirts are ones that have old Bollywood poster designs hand-painted and stitched on to them by former Bollywood poster painters who have lost out on work ever since the industry’s advertising went digital. Go Green messages are then incorporated into the poster,” says Singh who has priced them at Rs 400. While they are currently approaching stores in Mumbai to stock their stuff,the best way to place your order would be by logging on to etsy.com or indigreen.com.

Name Sushmita Nair

It may be overdone,but grotesque designs always has takers believes Sushmita Nair who designs T-shirts with prints of zombies,monsters and ghosts. “I draw out most of my designs and then transfer them on to the computer. I then Photoshop them and print them on to the T-shirt,” says the 21-year-old inspired by Tim Burton. Since she works part-time and from home,she takes only small orders. “I take around three to four days to design one tee,” says Nair,who’s priced her T-shirts between Rs 500 and Rs 600. Her label Potato Zombie is not yet out in stores,but one can place orders over the phone (98199 13911) or in person.

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