Strays no more

Strays no more

Over 150 puppies and kittens are up for free adoption at the ongoing ‘Adoptathon’.

In the third chapter of NGO World For All Animal Care & Adoptions’ (WFA) annual Adoptathon being held at Bandra Hindu Association Hall over the weekend,pet lovers can take home a furry friend from among 150 puppies and kittens up for free adoption. On day one of the Adoptathon Saturday,55 animals found a new home,according to the WFA.

“More than 95 per cent of the animals that are up for adoption have either been abandoned or rescued. Many of the puppies and kittens were in terrible condition when they were found. They were nursed to health,vaccinated and are now ready for adoption,” said organiser Ruchi Nadkarni of WFA. She added that all the animals,up for adoption,have been neutered along with their mothers.

“This year we hope to increase the number of adoptions by spreading the event over two days. Earlier,it was a one-day event. However,it used to be chaotic. It was also difficult to manage the crowd. When the event spans over two days,people get more time to interact with the animals,” Nadkarni said.

In 2011,Adoptathon was held for the first time. While around 1,500 visitors visited the event,114 kittens and puppies found new homes. The following year,92 animals were adopted. “ It was lesser in 2012 because we dealth with the process of adoption very strictly. This is to ensure that the animals find a good home. While in 2011,15 animals were returned after the event,five were returned in 2012,” Nadkarni said.


She added that besides the annual adoption fair,WFA carries out 60 adoptions a month. Its ambulance answers around 30 rescue calls per week.

As part of the screening process,an adoption panel has been set up for the Adoptathon. The panel conducts interviews of potential pet owners to assess their readiness in taking responsibility of taking care of an animal. Animal behaviorists share their knowledge on veterinarians in the city with the prospective owners. They are also provided with a comprehensive guide for puppy and kitten care.

Soon after the Adoptathon,the WFA visit the families,which adopt the animals. “This is to ensure that all is going well for the pet,” Nadkarni said.

WFA is encouraging people to adopt more kittens. “People mostly adopt puppies. But the population of kittens is also on the rise. Moreover,our next agenda is to change the tradition of adopting young animals and encourage them to adopt adult animals too,” Nadkarni added.

The other challenges in adoption,Nadkarni added,crop up at a much a later stage. “Very often,owners come to us after months complaining about the changes their pets are going through,for instance — teething. We ask them to be patient as one has to be while dealing with a child. That is the only way to overcome the phase. In most cases,the owners adapt themselves to the changes and hold on to the adoption,” Nadkarni said.

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