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Monday, July 23, 2018

Sound Sense

Indian Music Industry blocks 104 illegal music websites to curb piracy.

Written by EXPRESS FEATURES SERVICE | Published: March 16, 2012 3:24:58 am

It is common practice to download music of our liking from the internet to play it back on our iPods,mobile phones and other music devices. However,in most cases,little thought is given to the fact that it may be illegal if done so without paying for it. In a big move to prevent such piracy of music,the Indian Music Industry (IMI),the umbrella organisation of the music industry,has obtained a permission from the high court to block websites that facilitate the illegal downloading of music. This has been done by creating a database of 104 such websites,which will no more be accessible through 387 internet service providers (ISP) across India. So essentially,it implies that people using any of the 387 ISPs,including Vodafone,Bharti Airtel and Sify,will no more be able to log into these websites since they have been blocked.

India’s digital music market has been estimated at Rs 5,000 crore recently. However,only seven per cent of this is available on legal platforms. The President of IMI,Vijay Lazarus,explained that the court order will help the industry encash part of the revenue that is due to them. “Piracy is an impending problem for India’s media and entertainment industry,causing losses of close to Rs 20,000 crore every year. The move is a positive beginning,and will hopefully help curb piracy of music to some extent,” he said.

In order to further curb piracy,IMI is increasingly tying up with digital platforms to make music legally and easily available. Websites like Saregama,Artist Aloud and even Flipkart are among them. In fact,Flipkart,in order to properly utilise the facility,also encourages users to purchase music,and has provided the option of buying individual songs at a mere Rs 10 as opposed to the entire album.

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