Sonu Nigam at CCI: what a waste,say members

Sonu Nigam at CCI: what a waste,say members

The Cricket Club of India’s decision to host a ‘Sonu Nigam Nite’,as part of its 75th anniversary celebrations...

The Cricket Club of India’s (CCI) decision to host a ‘Sonu Nigam Nite’,as part of its 75th anniversary celebrations,has apparently not gone down well with a section of the members of the prestigious club,with some alleging that this was an indication of the management’s lack of financial transparency. The critics have objected to the Rs 50 lakh being spent on the show slated for Tuesday,saying the amount is high,with one of them calling it a “waste of a corpus built over years for just an evening”.

In a letter addressed to the CCI’s Executive Committee,Robin S Jaisinghani,an advocate and member,has written: “Your decision to spend such a huge sum of members money” on just “one evening’s entertainment” is condemnable” while another member has written that yet another event to celebrate the 75th anniversary is “an ostentatious and flagrant misuse of club’s resources”.

The latest controversy comes amid differences among the members over hosting the Indian Premier League (IPL) cricket matches,the lack of resolution of which is expected to see the high profile event being hosted by the D Y Patil stadium in distant Navi Mumbai.

Some members,who have written separate letters to the management but did not wish to be named,argue that the club should use its resources to promote sports. Some others have also sought details of expenditure incurred on such entertainment events.


“We are accountable to sports. In the end,the corpus that we have built over the years is to promote sports and activities related to it. Such expenses are ridiculous and the committee needs to come open with it. There needs to be a fixed sum beyond which the executive committee must seek members’ approval,” says Jaisinghani.

When contacted by Newsline,Kamaljit Rajpal,CEO of CCI,said,“This is the first time in the history of CCI that we are having a grand celebration. Five thousand members have agreed to participate in the function. We have received the letters on Friday and we cannot reply in a short notice. I have forwarded the letters to the executive committee and we are governed by some guiding principles. We were in fact planning to call the President of India which could not happen. We now have this function and it’s going to be grand. If the members have a problem,they should approach us.”