Seven foreign guests leave country

Seven foreign guests leave country

While the Mumbai police await the reports on the blood and urine samples taken from 91 people who attended an alleged rave party in Juhu on May 20,

While the Mumbai police await the reports on the blood and urine samples taken from 91 people who attended an alleged rave party in Juhu on May 20,seven foreign nationals who were guests at the party have left the country. With no case having been registered against anyone rounded up at the party and their passports not impounded by the police,the foreign nationals made a smooth exit from the country earlier this week.

A sources privy to the investigations said the police did not alert the embassy/consulate concerned as none of the 19 foreigners who were in attendance have been charged for any offence and neither had the police impounded their passports.

Some of the seven foreigners who left the city are South African nationals while the rest are British nationals. The foreigners at the party — 18 women and a man — were in the city on a modeling assignment they had signed with a local company.

“Most of these foreigners are models. Known to each other,they had decided to hang out together on the night of May 20,when the police raided Oakwood Hotel and rounded up these women and a man,” said a source,who has been legally aiding them in the case.


Vishwas Nangre-Patil,Additional Commissioner of Police (West Region),said the police officers were aware that the seven foreign nationals have left the country. “We are waiting for the reports from the Kalina forensic laboratory and have asked them to speed up the process and submit the reports as soon as possible,” said Nangre-Patil,who is investigating the case.

The19 foreigners were taken to Cooper or JJ Hospitals where their blood and urine samples were collected. Nangre- Patil said they could not seize the passports of the foreign nationals until their blood sample reports turned out to be positive. If the samples test positive,they could be tried for consumption,the maximum punishment for which does not exceed six months. So far,the police have arrested only the director of the hotel Vishay Handa,who is in judicial custody.

Asked whether their return to their respective countries would hamper the case in court,Nangre-Patil said when the guests at the rave party were detained they were asked to sign an undertaking saying that they would present themselves before the police when summoned if their blood sample reports turn out to be positive for drug consumption and if they were called for investigations.

“We cannot impound their passports until their blood reports test positive. However,we have their e-mail addresses,phone numbers and addresses. They will be summoned for investigations if needed and if they do not turn up,a warrant will be issued in their name and we will contact the embassies of their country,” said Nangre-Patil.

Though India has an extradition treaty with both South Africa and the the United Kingdom,for a case of drug consumption where maximum sentence cannot exceed six months,it is unlikely that the Mumbai police would engage itself in a complicated extradition process,sources said.