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Wednesday, December 01, 2021

‘Recycling reduces excessive energy consumption’

Recycling means to take old material and use it to make new material.

By: Express News Service | Mumbai |
Updated: February 2, 2015 4:45:13 am

The dictionary defines recycling as “the act of processing used or abandoned materials for use in creating new products.” Recycling simply means to take old material and use it to make new material. In today’s world, a lot of cities and towns are forming some type of recycling programs to provide opportunities for people to protect the environment. Recycling has many important advantages. One of the advantages of recycling is that, it does help us to keep garbage out of our disposals and incinerators. Another advantage is that, new products can be made out of old products.

* Abhilasha Varma, Class X,  
St Xavier’s High School, Kashigaon

Recycling is one of the most important thing to save our life. It means reducing the demands for waste treatment capacity. Everybody should recycle because there are many benefits of recycling. The benefits of recycling are:-

l Can conserve natural resources
l Can protect the environment
l Also, has economic benefits

Firstly, a lot of natural resources can be conserved such as tree, metal, oil, natural gas, etc. Secondly, it can protect the environment by reducing the amount of waste-needing disposal, also saves land and reduces the potential for air and water pollution. As we know that paper made from tress and many trees are being cut down just to produce paper. By recycling it we can help to reduce the number of trees that are cut down day by day. It lessens the global warming and reduce air pollution. It is better to buy recyclable items , so that they can be recycled and new material can manufactured out of the scrap. So, recycle and do your bit for the environment and keep pur future bright and healthy.

*  Aditi Rai, Class VII,
IGCSE RBK School, Mira Road

Recycling is a key component of  modern waste reduction and is the third component of — reduce, reuse and recycle. Recyclable materials include many kinds of glass, papers, metal, plastic, textiles and electronics. The composting or reuse of biodegradable waste such as food or garden waste is also considered recycling.

Recycling is a process to change waste materials into new potentially useful materials and the reduce the consumption of fresh raw materials, energy, air pollution and water pollution and thereby reducing the need for ‘conventional’ waste disposal and lower green house gas emissions as compared to plastic production.

In the strictest sense, recycling of a material would produce a fresh supply of the same material. ‘Recycling’ of many products of used things involves their ‘reuse’ in producing different materials instead.

*  Anil Paul, Class VIII, St Aloysius High School, Nallasopara

All people should know the benefits of recycling to conserve natural resources; it protects environment and economic benefits  vis-a-vis tree, metal, oil, natural gas etc.  Recycling of one ton of newspapers save 17 saplings, paper manufacture from secondary fibres, uses 60 percent less water and energy compare virgin paper.

Conserving renewable resources through recyling help preservation of undisturbed land needed for agriculture, timber shows the depletion of non-renewable resources, enchroachment of new mining and drilling operations.

Recycling protects environment, reducing the amount of waste needing disposal, recycling saves land, reducing the potential for air, water pollution .300 rolls means 300 millions of rolls of tax paper are use each year is enough to go from earth to moon 26 times .we can recycle everything we use, it is better to buy recyclable items so it can be recycled again.

*  Christy Jomon, Class VIII St Joseph’s High School, New Panvel

Most of you must have at least heard about recycling; some of you may also know about it, but the question rises here, have you ever done it?  We do a lot of work, but, we do overlook some things. There is a lot of waste produced when we work, the biggest threat for the globe, which has completely demolished the life of many.

Recycling is the best way to terminate this threat to human existence. Many hazardous things around us can be recycled, which will lead to environmental consciousness.

Recycling has a lot of benefits; like:-

l  Saving of money
l  Elimination of lands containing waste
l  Reduction of pollution
l  Creation of jobs for people
l  Conservation of natural resources
l  Saving of energy
l  Reduction of burning
l  Evoking environmental awareness
l  Reduction of global warming
So friends, always remember the 3Rs,
Best way to stay fit!

*  Dishantika Puri, Class VII, RBK School, Mira Road (East )

Protects Environment: The foremost benefit or recycling is that it helps in protecting the environment in the most balanced manner. While many trees are cut down continually, recycled paper made from certain trees is re-used repeatedly to minimize felling/ deforestation.

Reduces Energy Consumption: A large amount of energy is consumed by processing raw materials at the time of manufacture.  Recycling reduces the need to consume  energy, which is crucial for massive production, such as mining or refining. Reduces Pollution: Industrial waste today is the main source of all types of pollution. Recycling of industrial products such as cans, chemical, plastics helps to cut down pollution levels considerably, as these materials are re-used, instead of throwing them away irresponsibly. Reduces Global Warming: Recycling ensure that the burning process is minimized and any waste is re-generated as a useful product with no or minimal harmful impact on the environment. Recycling produces less greenhouse gases as industries burn fewer fossil fuels for eco-friendly products.

*  Jay surana ,Class VI,
R.B.K School

Reuse, reduce, recycle! Have you ever wondered what changes you can bring in the bottles and cans that you find around you?  Recycling cans and bottles can help save the earth from waste and trash build up and surely new products can be made which will cost less money and energy too. It’s really awful to see that some people don’t care about the world being littered.

Pretty much anything is recyclable. People have trash everyday. If you throw them away, it’s a waste of money, energy and natural resources. Most importantly recycling save lives.

E.g. some sea lions won’t get stuck in plastic if we recycle we would also breathe better air. I think it’s imperative that man soon comes to his senses and understand the importance of recycling so that the world can be cleaner and better place to live in. everyone should take an initiative to help build a better world.

*  Medina Ghag, Class IX,
St Xavier’s High School,
Borivali (E)

There are many ways we can conserve our resources, but one of the major ways is recycling. In an encyclopedia recycling is defined as “the recovery and reprocessing of waste materials for use of new products.” Webster’s dictionary defines recycling as “a process in order to regain material for human use.” There are actually two broad types of recycling, internal and external. Internal recycling is the reuse in a manufacturing process of materials that are a waste product of that process. External which is most commonly is the reclaiming of materials from a product that has been worn out or rendered obsolete. An example of this is old newspapers, magazines, paper products.
The basic phases in recycling are the “collection of waste materials, their processing or manufacture into new products, and the purchase of those products, which may then themselves be recycled.’”

*  Nadeem Dange, Class X, St Mary’s High School, Mira Road

All processes gathers waste these materials which remain used or unused come in solids liquids or in gaseous state. In order to prevent accumulation of waste one should recycle. The concept of recycling is to put both degradable and non – degradable waste matter to use by creating new products from it that way rejected material which have previously served its purpose could do better.

Recycling can also be seen as an echo friendly way of getting rid of an health hazard. Waste that if left behind shall harm us all. Therefore, now a day’s people in large numbers know how to investing in the benefits of recycling. Recycle also is a monitory gain as well  if looked upon carefully tons and tons of waste products that’s reside  once recycled would generate capital that can be used to set up an industry which may create future employment.

*  Preeti Joshi, Class IX,
St Lawrence High School,
Kandivali (E)

Recycling economics include an array of benefits for those who recycle. In some states like, Michigan, California, and Vermont, people are incentivized to recycle by getting a monetary compensation for turning in their materials. A recycling facility, however, is much more cost-efficient than waste management deciding to dump in a landfill or incinerate trash. Lastly, U.S. companies save money by being a part of a recycling program. Recycling reduces pollution because trash isn’t being burned and manufacturers can reuse materials instead of creating new ones which is more energy efficient. If even half of the people in the United States recycled regularly, greenhouse gas emissions would be reduce to the equivalent of taking 25 million cars off of the road.

*  Vishnu Sammadar, Class IX ,
St Francis High School, Vasi

Recycling is a conservation process which converts waste material into usable products. Nowadays, companies are even manufacturing products which can be used over and over again such as printer ink refill and toner cartridges. Recycling is a wonderful way of saving the planet and it is important for everyone to understand the benefits of such process.

*  Yash Nalande, VII – B, St
Aloysius High School, Nallasopara

School notes

Ryan International, Chembur, organises cultural club activities

The students of class IV and V of Ryan International School, Chembur, participated in culture club activities organised recently. A brief introduction of the traditional games of the world was given to the students through discussion and PPT. After the PPT the students were asked a few questions as to whether they know that various games like kabbadi, tic-tac-tock, catching seven pieces, etc  are all traditional games and where are they very popular or have their origin from. This discussion aroused the curiosity of the students and they were very enthusiastic to go back home and surf on the net for more information in detail. The activity was followed by a traditional game played in China ‘Cat Catching Mice’. This traditional game caused excitement.

NMIMS conducts entrepreneurship event Inspirus’2015

Over the years, NMIMS has successfully carved a niche for itself and is listed amongst one of the best B-schools. SBM NMIMS Entrepreneurship &Family Business a course designed for young business leaders of family businesses who intend to manage and develop their businesses hosted their annual flagship event – an entrepreneurial summit, Inspirus’ 2015.The event was sponsored by Rays Experts, powered by The Financial Express in association with Audi Mumbai West and co sponsored by Jackson tissues, AU Financiers, Arihant Infomatics and Bank of Baroda. Overall the event was a huge success and left a great impact on the audience. You surely would not want to miss it next time.

Ryan International students win Spelling Bee contest           

A spelling bee is a competition in which contestants are asked to spell a broad selection of words, usually with a varying degree of difficulty. The concept is thought to have originated in the United States and spelling bee events, along with variants, are now also held in some other countries around the world which use imperfect writing systems. The first winner of an official spelling bee was Frank Neuhauser, who won the 1st National Spelling Bee in Washington, D.C. in 1925 at age eleven. Our young Ryanties of class I and II also took part in spell bee competition which was held on 20th august 2014. The winners were felicitated with a certificate and a medal. Tanrika Chakraborty, Yati Jain,  Priyansh Gandhi, Vihaan Shah were 3rd and were awarded with certificates. Congratulations to all the winners and  we are proud of you all. May god bless you all in a special way.

Cambridge School  student bags best painter prize

Shivam Thakkar of Cambridge School has bagged the prize for the best painter in a painting competition organised by Save Art, National Mill Labour Union, Press Art India, Ideal Academy and workers of Late Mahashri G D Ambedkar Memorial. The competition titled  ‘Kaun Banega Chitrakar’ was organised on state level with the topic ‘Clean India Green India’. Shivam’s outstanding creativity was awarded the best painting. Shivam received the prize of Rs. 10,000/- cash and a trophy from the former Minister of State Sachin Ahir. Actor Milind Gawali was also present on this occassion. On this occassion, the experts in the field Sh. Vinayak Godkar, Sh. Pradeep Mhapsekar and Sh. Bhagwan das shared their views and gave useful tips to the upcoming artists.

Ryan students organise Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan

The Swachch Bharat Abhiyan, initiated by the Managing Director Madam Grace Pinto, chosen as one of the nine jewels to take the Clean India Campaign forward. The campaign was started off by Abbas Mehta, Indian Television actor, Mr Kishan mistry, Ex Corporator of Chembur, Mr. Ravindra Ambekar, Editor in chief , Mi Marathi channel , Mr .Anand Shrivastav, Editor of Mumbai talks and Mr. Manoj Chandeliya, Bureau chief – Maharashtra Bhaskar news.

The campaign happened in Vasinaka where students of grades 6 to 9 congregated with brooms, dust pans, dust bins. After the cleanliness pledge was administered by Mst. Vashisht Purohit of Grade 8 Peso, the area was cleaned by the students of Ryan Global School, Chembur, the celebrities and the media persons. . There was a good response from the public too and their awareness was raised. All the guests were felicitated with potted plants, folders and cards.

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