Realty work permissions cut down from 119 to 58

Realty work permissions cut down from 119 to 58

Move to encourage affordable housing, faster completion of work.

In a major boost to the real estate sector, the Maharashtra government on Saturday decided to cut down permissions required for commencing realty work from 119 to 58.

The move to remove red tape is part of the state’s ‘Ease of Doing Business’ initiative.

Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, who unveiled the manual with the amended rules prepared by the BMC’s building proposal department on Saturday, claimed that this move will give impetus to creation of affordable housing in the city.

On an average, it would take around a year for a builder to get all regulatory clearances before he could commence work. With the new set of rules, the time will be cut down to 60 days.

“This will speed up the procedure of acquiring approvals and bring about speed and transparency in the system,” Fadnavis said.

Building plans will now be approved in 21 days and builders will be able to pay various taxes and cess through a single window.

The CM stated that measures implemented to reduce time would in effect bring down cost of construction considerably making affordable housing a likely possibility.

The developers would also be able to build units of housing at a faster pace. The CM also recommended that once the process goes online, the authorities should monitor the process once every 15-20 days.

The cutting down of various levels involve de-centralization of inspecting building construction under the BMC. Unlike the process earlier when an application would be sent from a joint engineer to the municipal commissioner, as per amended rules the inspection of the building will be approved by the joint engineer while the process of acquiring FSI related approvals would begin with the executive engineer.


Welcoming the change, developers stated that if implemented, the amendment can ease the process and thereby make affordable housing a reality in Mumbai.
“If the process is implemented properly at the corporation level, the cost of housing for home buyers in Mumbai can come down by 5-10% depending on cost of land. However, to achieve a comprehensive effect, the CM should extend the initiative to the aviation, environmental and heritage departments for approvals builders need,” Lalit Kumar Jain, chairman of Kumar builders said. He added that about 40% of total value is for approvals and though not a complete solution, the amended rules is ‘a step forward’.