Prof,student held for murder

Prof,student held for murder

Student helped professor behead his wife and cut body into 30 pieces: Police

After a professor at a junior college in Nalasopara and a student of his were arrested Friday for killing the former’s wife,police officers said Saturday they suspect the involvement of two more men.

On Friday,police also arrested Chinese food stall owner Raju alias Raju Chinese,who allegedly aided student Akbarali Warsi (19) in killing Amarjit Singh’s wife,Kiran (30) in February. Warsi was allegedly paid Rs 50,000 by Singh.

Kiran’s severed head,stuffed in a gunny bag,was found by a local resident on the outskirts of Nalasopara on February 20. The police had then registered a case of murder against unknown persons.

However,police had not made any arrests until Singh confessed to them on Friday,officers of Thane rural crime branch said.


According to police,Singh,an accounts professor at Thakur College of Commerce,had hatched a plan to kill his wife six months before and asked Warsi in January if he knew of any contract killers.

Warsi then introduced him to Raju and his other accomplice who demanded Rs 50,000 to eliminate Singh’s wife,a mother of two. “Although we have not found any previous case against Raju and Warsi,we are still investigating,” said Inspector Kishore Khairnar,Thane rural crime branch.

The officer said Amarjit told his wife on February 20 that he was throwing her a party at a mango orchard in Nalasopara.

“Warsi went to Amarjit’s house to bring Kiran to the party. After they reached,Warsi,Raju and another accomplice,who is still at large,smothered Kiran with a handkerchief doused with chloroform,”said Khairnar.

Police said Warsi and the others beheaded Kiran and then hacked her body into 30 pieces. The men then buried Kiran’s body in the orchard.

“The day after the murder,the men returned to the spot,dug up the chopped pieces of Kiran’s body and burnt them. After burning the remains,the men scattered the bones of Kiran’s charred body nearby in the orchard. Singh registered a missing complaint on February 21,hours after we found Kiran’s head,making Singh the prime suspect,” said a police officer.

A senior police official said they are trying to trace the weapons used by Warsi and his accomplices. Singh’s mobile phone,in police custody,is being checked for information. The rest of the body is yet to be traced.

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