Prime accused in Bandra murder planned business with heist money

Prime accused in Bandra murder planned business with heist money

Injured Lily Kapadia feigned death, led police to culprits.

Two men who allegedly murdered a 78-year-old retired Bombay High Court staffer at his Bandra residence had reportedly planned the robbery over two days.

On Monday, the two, Jay Navrang (21) and Kamal Jadhav (20), were remanded to police custody till March 13.

Police officers investigating the case said that the two men knew that Darius Kapadia’s wife had kept a large sum in cash in their locker. The two unemployed men planned to start a business with the cash stolen from the Kapadia residence.


In their statements, the two men have reportedly said they knew that Kapadia’s wife Lily (74), a former supervisor at TCS, had been carrying the key to the locker and they were waiting for her to get back home. “The two were waiting for Lily to return home from her daughter’s house and knew that one person who she did not recognise could overpower her easily and extract the key from her,” said a police officer at the Bandra police station.


“As Lily entered home the two hid inside the kitchen and one of them pounced on her. Jay, who she knew, did not in front of her,” said Inspector Rajendra Kane from the Bandra police station.

The incident occurred on Saturday night when Lily was at her daughter’s house. She used to visit her daughter twice a day. “Jay knew the movements of the senior citizens,” said Kane.

The wealthy family has seven domestic helpers, and four auto rickshaw drivers had been specifically engaged to ferry Lily to her daughter’s home.Tanaji Navrang, is one such driver who, the family trusted for many years. Jay, who is the son of Tanaji, was in touch with the family for several years too.

Jay and Kamal went to visit Darius on Saturday at 9.30 pm, and Kapadia, seeing it was Tanaji’s son, opened the door. The three of them had dinner and Jay told Kapadia about his plan of starting a business. After dinner, the two waited for him to retire to his bedroom where they bound him and slit his neck. The two then waited for Lily. Just when they were stealing the valuables, Lily returned. She rang the doorbell, but got no response. Using her duplicate keys, she opened the door and found her husband in a pool of blood in the bedroom. Jadhav was hiding while Jay had covered his face with a green cloth. The latter then hit Lily who fell to the floor. Police sources said Lily played dead and did not move an inch.

Assuming her to be dead, the duo proceeded to take the keys from her bag, rob Rs 7.5 lakh in cash, 20 grams of gold and a Motorola cellphone and fled from the house. Lily then informed her neighbours and the police were called. Several teams were formed to track the accused. All the household staff, auto drivers and their kin were questioned. The police then traced Jay to his residence in Parel, after which the other accused was arrested.

Jay had also worked for the couple as a gardener a few months ago, but was sacked for passing lewd comments at a girl in the colony. On February 14, he sent a letter to the girl and when the Kapadias came to know of this, they terminated his employment.