Postcard from mumbai

When Mumbai finds some sleep and you desperately need a place to buy some beer or meet someone,go to Janta (in Bandra).

Written by DIPTI NAGPAUL D’SOUZA | Published: February 1, 2009 1:54:19 am

Margherita Bassanese


A secret you discovered about Mumbai?

When Mumbai finds some sleep and you desperately need a place to buy some beer or meet someone,go to Janta (in Bandra).

An Indian product or service you can’t do without?

Beauty parlours. Getting pampered by an army of sweet smiling girls. Wax,manicure,pedicure,and massage,all at the price you could not buy a breakfast in London.

Any fashion tips?

A dupatta might seems superfluous in a 40-degree climate,but if you observe how women use it and start carrying one around you will never do without it anymore.

Dared to try street food?

Sure I did,regardless of thousand of warnings. Pani puri in Juhu,although it is not my favourite. The chai along the street instead tastes better than any Café Coffee Day one.

A phrase you’re bound to hear?

“Tea- coffee – tea – coffee”. It reminds me of a period when I could afford to “waste” 30 hours for travelling from Madras to Mumbai.

Your road experiences?

My funniest road trip in India was on an overloaded public bus in Goa. I travelled sitting on the hot engine in the driver’s cabin.

What is sexy about Mumbai?

So many things. The sunset on Marine Drive,a giant banyan tree with shrine attached in the middle of the road,the mix of people,colours and flavours.

Have you been conned yet?

Yes,I was cheated quite few times when I first arrived. Mumbai was much more welcoming than Delhi,but still tourists are made to be charged twice,aren’t they?


Definitely YES. Can you mention a day without an unexpected event happening? From clients asking for 200 stores designed and built in three weeks time to the driver who decides to take a day off without telling you—in Mumbai it is forbidden to get bored.

What are the similarities or differences between Mumbai and your hometown?

Going beyond appearances I found many similarities between Mumbai and London. First of all people,they smiles and are ready to chat in both places. Then animals,a lot of community dogs and cats,although we don’t go so further to have cows.

Mumbai,the cultural capital?

Mumbai does not really match the definition of capital of high culture. There aren’t enough events. But if we talk about low culture,it is the capital of Indian culture: a mix of religions,cultures,communities.

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