Pneumonia on the rise,docs advice healthy diet

Pneumonia on the rise,docs advice healthy diet

Sudden Spurt : Doctors blame fluctuations in temperatures and HIGH LEVELS OF HUMIDITY.

Fluctuating temperatures and high levels of humidity in the city have resulted in a rise of pneumonia and other respiratory ailments over the past couple of weeks,say doctors. After a sultry April,temperatures in the first week of May have been normal ,sometimes even dipping below normal.

Humidity levels however have been consistently high with the MET department recording 60-90 per cent of moisture in the air over the past few days.

“Summer is the time when people do not complain of respiratory ailments.

However,high levels of humidity are strongly correlated to the spread in infection which has led to an increase in lung-related ailments. Patients have been coming in with complaints of fever,cold and cough and body aches. If not treated on time,they are getting compounded into serious issues with some of them even needing the ventilator to support breathing,” said Dr Shahid Barmare,physician at Kohinoor Hospital.


BMC hospitals have also seen a sudden spurt of children queuing up for treatment of respiratory infections. “There has been at least a 15-25 rise in cases of pneumonia and similar cases in the past two weeks,” said Dr A Aboli,physician at KEM hospital.

Children,elderly people and those with underlying immuno -compromised problems such as diabetes and asthma are the most susceptible to infection. “Bacterial pneumonia is quite prevalent among young children especially when such sudden seasonal changes are observed. It is important to treat the child on time before his condition gets aggravated,” said Dr Rohit Agarwal,president of the Indian Academy of Pediatrics (IAP).

Doctors advise a healthy diet and maintaining basic habits of hygiene to keep infection at bay. “The body needs to be hydrated at all times. Fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C should be consumed as it helps to build immunity. Face,hands and feet must be kept clean at all times,” Barmare added.