Part of human face found on train, cops probe

The partial human face found in a Mumbai-bound train belongs to a commuter who might have been hit by a pole.

Mumbai | Published: May 14, 2014 12:29:15 am


The Dongri police believe that a partial human face found in a Mumbai-bound train on Sunday belongs to a commuter standing on the footboard of the train who might have been hit by a pole, causing the face to shatter on impact.

A portion of a face of a male aged approximately 35 to 40 years was found on a window seat of the Varanasi-Mumbai Holiday Special train at the Wadi Bundar railway washing yard on Sunday afternoon by Navnaath Murkute, a cleaner. According to the Dongri police, the face seems to have entered the coach through the open window. Event reconstruction by experts indicates it got stuck in the window frame, entered the train and got stuck on the seat rest. There were blood stains outside the window, over the outer body of the train.

Blood stains were also found on the window glass. No blood stains have been found in the passages of the compartment, the police said. “The blood has spread over five compartments of the outside of the train, so there is a high possibility that the train was moving at full speed. The victim was probably standing at the door and could have been hit by something hard, such as an electric pole. Due to the impact, the face could have separated from the body and entered the train,” said senior inspector Sandeep Dal of Dongri Police station.

The train reached Chattrapati Shivaji Terminus at 5.38 am and left the platform around 6.45 am for Wadibunder Yard for cleaning. It was brought to platform number three for washing around 3 pm, which is when the cleaner found the face in coach S-6. The Dongri police were alerted around 6.30 pm.

The police are trying to find the remaining parts of the body by tracking the path of the train. “We are trying to identify the face. We have called for information about the other passengers of the train to find out if we can track a missing person. We are also talking to the driver, guards and the ticket collector of the train,” Dal said.

An accidental death report has been filed. The police are also probing if the victim could have been one of those who hop a ride on empty trains travelling from railway stations to railway yards, as their residences or other destinations are closer from the yards.

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