Palm Beach School owner to get medical care at JJ Hospital

Nikhil Jhaveri suffers from Huntington’s Disease.

| Mumbai | Published: June 11, 2017 12:59:23 am

Keeping in mind “the interest and welfare” of Nikhil Jhaveri (58) — the owner of the defunct Palm Beach School, Nepean Sea Road — who suffers from Huntington’s Disease, the Bombay High Court recently ensured that he is provided with proper medical care at J J Hospital.

Jhaveri was the proprietor and principal of the now-defunct Palm Beach School. The property is now valued at Rs 100-200 crore. He had married twice. He had a son from his second marriage but he again got a divorce in January 2005.

Around 2009, Jhaveri was diagnosed with Huntington’s Disease, a neurological disorder in which brain cells deteriorate affecting an individual’s behavior, movement and cognition.

On December 2013, Jhaveri, who was residing with his sister at Kandivli went missing. He was found near Borivli police station and placed by the police authorities in a shelter run by Swagat Ashram, an NGO. It was only in January, 2014 that he was identified as Nikhil Vithaldas Jhaveri and subsequently admitted to Conwest and Manjula S Badani Jain Hospital at Khadilkar Road on August 2014.

The court was hearing a case, filed by Jhaveri, through his son, in the Bombay High Court restraining any takeover, creating of any third party rights or any kind of dealing in his property, against his college friend Rusi Motiwalla, when it made this observation. The court had appointed a court receiver to safeguard the property.

All parties in the case recently agreed that the need of the hour was to house Jhaveri at a place where he can be taken care of, and that his property needs to be protected. While the earlier suggestion was to provide him treatment at Global Hospital, no one was willing to bear the expenses.

The court, therefore suggested that the condition of Jhaveri can be evaluated by the neurology or psychiatric department of JJ Hospital and asked all parties to meet with the dean of JJ. Justice SJ Kathawalla presiding over the matter also spoke to the dean of the hospital DR Lahane.

The neurologist of the hospital suggested that Jhaveri required a detailed neuro-psychological evaluation. “I have spoken to Dr. Lahane who has agreed to admit Nikhil as an indoor patient and carry out the evaluation.I direct the Conwest & Manjula S Badani Jain Hospital to discharge the patient on June 7, and give charge of Nikhil to his son Ryan, accompanied by his mother, to enable them to admit Nikhil at the JJ Hospital,” said Justice Kathawalla.

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