Over a year after marriage,woman loses husband,in-laws to fire

With her three-month-old baby — Arnav — in her lap,Deepali Shilvant (22) spent the entire day at Rajawadi Hospital Monday.

Written by Tabassum Barnagarwala | Mumbai | Published: November 12, 2013 1:10:50 am

With her three-month-old baby — Arnav — in her lap,Deepali Shilvant (22) spent the entire day at Rajawadi Hospital Monday. She was inconsolable. Her mother and friends repeatedly told her that her husband had survived the fire mishap. Deepali,however,refused to believe them. Deepali’s husband Vishal Shilvant (29) was one of the victims who was killed in the mishap.

“We do not how to break the news to her. So we are lying that her husband is alive. But,I think she has understood by now that Vishal has succumbed to the burns,” Ratna Ingle,Deepali’s mother,said.

Deepali escaped the ill-fated fire as she was at her mother’s flat. Her husband Vishal,father-in-law Gautam Shilvant (55),mother-in-law Purnima Shilvant(58) and a relative Ayush Shandul (5) who lived in the flat opposite her mother’s flat on the seventh floor were killed in the fire.

“Deepali and Vishal lived in the opposite flats of the building. They fell in love five years ago. They got married more than a year ago,” said Pooja Gade,Deepali’s friend.

When the fire broke out at 2.30 am,Ratna was washing clothes. “I could smell a burning wire. When I opened the main door there was smoke all over. We had to close the door and wait for help,” Ratna said.

Ratna,her 31-year-old son Rahul and Deepali waited for half-an-hour. They poured water to douse the fire. “We wanted to warn Deepali’s in-laws,but their door was locked. Also,Vishal’s phone was with us. By the time we were rescued,I saw that their flat was completely charred,” Ratna said.

While four members of Shilvant family succumbed to burns,the younger son — Vikas Shilvant,who was sleeping in the passage outside the flat,ran to safety. His sister,Madhuri Shilvant,was working on night duty as a domestic help during the incident. She has gone into a state of shock. “She is repeatedly asking about her parents and son Ayush. The psychiatrist has advised to keep her calm,” said Dr Anil Chopde,assistant medical officer in Rajawadi hospital.


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