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Wednesday, June 03, 2020

One pizza,price: Rs 9,999

Qube,at the new Leela Palace in Delhi,rustles up India’s most expensive and luxurious pizza.

Written by Alia Allana | Published: May 11, 2011 2:23:18 am

Qube,at the new Leela Palace in Delhi,rustles up India’s most expensive and luxurious pizza

Pizza and pomp,these two words have seldom been a couple. Until now. The Qube restaurant at the new Leela Palace in Chanakyapuri,Delhi,has rustled up possibly India’s most expensive dish — a pizza priced at R9,999. It has been aptly named the High Life.

This is not your average slice,it’s much more. Erase the popular image of the pizza from your consciousness,bid adieu to the red tomato base and familiar gooey mozzarella. This is a pizza that is a far cry from the popular comfort food. The High Life is a white pizza,not an entity of colour. Dollops of thyme mascarpone line the base and layered on top are the tails of lobsters. The pungent smell of truffle rises up till the glass roof and a legion of chefs carry the pizza to your table. One chef has in his hand Beluga caviar,the main topping. The other carries a bottle of Grey Goose Vodka — frozen not shaken or stirred,another lavish accompaniment. Standing in front of the wood fired oven,Sous Chef Karan Suri says,“The High Life is not for everyone.”

Qube opened its doors earlier this month and only three people have bitten into the 13 inch crust and devoured a slice of the R9,999 pizza. The logic behind the pizza came as an epiphany to Suri and Head Chef Glen Eastman late one night — how to make a pizza that would not only be the talk of the town but would set a new standard,a pizza that would alter the

consumer demographic. “Naturally caviar is a must as an ingredient,it signifies utmost luxury,”

says Suri.

The pricing (a tongue-and-cheek deal that is one rupee short of R10,000) was inspired by the footwear company Bata. “Bata has survived the onslaught of brands due to its ingenious marketing policy. It never has a round figure pricing for footwear,the price tag always reads one rupee cheaper than a bigger round figure,” says Suri. “Why can’t luxury have the same policy?”

High Life is clearly a new vanity in pizza making; one that has transcended the boundaries. “We wanted something different to offer those who had the power to spend

on a new facet of luxury,” says the Head Chef.

Suri adds,“The people who have ordered High Life have done so because of the attention they get as legions of servers walk over to their table. High Life is for a clientele who wants to be seen and be seen spending the right amount of money.”

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