Now, an app to help pick best routes

Now, an app to help pick best routes

App will help commuters with various problems they face during their day-to-day travel in city.

In order to ease traffic woes in Mumbai, the Mumbai Traffic police are in the process of launching a mobile application that will let Mumbaikars pick the best route, complain about errant cabbies or find parking space at the click of a button.

The mobile app, to be launched in the next two weeks, will enable commuters not only to lodge refusals to ply complaints from a mobile phone and witness action being taken within minutes but also help in locating parking spaces across the city or find out which traffic chowkie their vehicle has been taken to, after getting towed.

According to the traffic police officials, the app, available on all mobile phones, will help commuters with various problems they face during their day-to-day travel in city.


The officials said, currently, once the vehicle is towed the constable writes the number with chalk on the road and that gets erased within minutes. “By the time the driver finds out that his car has been towed, the number gets erased and the driver is forced to spend his time finding out where he would have to go to pay the fine and collect his vehicle,” said an officer.


With the new app, the moment any vehicle is towed and brought to the chowkie, the number of the vehicle would get fed into the system and uploaded. When the driver keys in the number of his vehicle, the location of his vehicle would flash on his mobile screen. The driver can then go to the given traffic chowkie and get his vehicle after paying the fine.In case of parking spaces too, the driver would be able to find out the number of parking spaces available in the vicinity. The officers said that the driver would be able to choose from the parking spots where he would want to park his vehicle which would be near the place he is visiting.

“Apart from this, the user would also be able to log on to the website of Mumbai traffic police from any mobile phone and lodge an online complaint against any autorickshaw or taxi driver for refusal to ply,” said the officer. The traffic police have also completed revamping their official website which is under trial-run stage at present.

BK Upadhyay, Joint Commissioner of Police (Traffic) confirmed the technological developments. “The website and the app should be interactive which was our main motive. The commuters should be able to solve their problems with ease.”