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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

No end to ordeal of Shakti Mills gangrape victim, her struggle for life continues

Did the Shakti Mills gangrape victim get justice? This question remains unanswered.

| Mumbai | Updated: July 24, 2014 10:26:32 am
Did the Shakti Mills gangrape victim get justice? This question remains unanswered. Did the Shakti Mills gangrape victim get justice? This question remains unanswered.

It was just another fine evening when she went out to a peaceful, isolated place with her friend, but it soon turned out to be a a nightmare for her as she was raped by a few unknown men. Later, the culprits were caught and sentenced by a court to rigorous imprisonment. But did the victim get justice? This question remains unanswered.

As a “punishment” for getting raped, she was asked to quit her job by those who consider themselves as ‘posh and white collared’ people.

And if this is not all, her neighbours almost boycotted her house. And above all, the man whose shoulder she sought for support left her. Now, she was left with just one question – Whether she should live or die?

This is a story of the devastated life of a rape victim, of the devil in men, of evil. This is also a story of the pseudo white-collar mentality, of our patriarchal culture, of an eyewash named government, and of cunning and calculative politicians.

The incident of a girl gang raped in a moving bus in the national capital had shocked and outraged the entire nation in 2012. But merely over seven months after that incident, the case of two girls gang raped at the Shakti Mills compound at Mahalaxmi in Mumbai came to light. It was another major shock to the nation.

And one of the victims of the crime is struggling for her survival, bearing painful wounds she has suffered both mentally and physically. Soon after she went through the horror, she faced the ordeal of getting fired from the company where she worked as a telephone operator. The reason cited was that her case would defame the company.

Losing the job was a major blow to her, as she was the only breadwinner of her family. The fact that she was raped invoked sudden ‘morality’ among her neighbours, who literally turned their back towards the victim’s family. They probably considered communicating with the family as an insult. The locality she lived in had imposed an undeclared boycott on the family.

This was the worst phase of her life, she had almost collapsed. This was when she actually needed the support of the person she trusted for her life, one she had chosen as her life partner, but unfortunately, he too left her, and refused to even meet her.

How to survive now is a thought she has been battling with for quite some time now. She is struggling to overcome this “dark phase of her life”, and making attempts to get a job. The thought of who would marry her is also troubling her. She is now looking for someone, who will lend her some support to stand again and fight.

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