New to Mumbai: ‘Professional attitude, open mindset make work enjoyable’

He describes Mumbai as a dreamy city that encapsulates everyone.

Written by Mythreyee Ramesh | Mumbai | Published: December 7, 2016 1:07:25 am

Every year, thousands of youngsters set foot in Mumbai, hoping to make it big in the film industry. Mayukh Ghosh (23) moved to the city recently with a similar dream and is already working on a film. He describes Mumbai as a dreamy city that encapsulates everyone. A native of Kolkata, Mayukh attributes the difference in the pace of life in the two cities to the difference in the attitude of their people.

What he likes:

“When I arrived in Mumbai, I did not have a place to stay. I had spoken to a few brokers over the phone and was surprised by the professional way in which they handled the situation. Had it been anywhere else, one would expect to be exploited,” said Mayukh, who has been staying in the city for the last two months. He says a professional attitude and an open mindset make work enjoyable in the city. He is in awe of the city’s well-connected public transport. “Traffic woes are there in every city but the connectivity of public transport here is a boon,” he said.

What he doesn’t like:

A hot and humid December is something he has never experienced before. “It is still too hot. Usually, by this time it gets quite chilly in Kolkata. The weather is just bad,” said Mayukh. He is also concerned about how many youngsters survive solely on fast food. “Good food is very expensive. How long can people who have just started their careers survive on street food?”


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