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Dahi Handis broken, rules too

Despite apex court order, kids participate in pyramids; two injured.

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Handi is smashed in Panvel.

The Supreme Court order prohibiting under 18-year-olds from becoming Govindas did little to deter children in the city from participating in human pyramids. At least two children sustained injuries Thursday and were rushed to Sion Hospital.

Prati Koriya (15) was rushed to the hospital after he fractured his left thigh. He was part of the second tier of a human pyramid when his foot slipped in Dharavi’s Kumbharwada area, where he participates every year. “We know about the SC order but he has been doing it every year and is skillful,” said his elder sister Mamta Koriya as Prati lay unconscious on the hospital cot.

Mamta said he lost balance when water was thrown on the pyramid by locals and he was attempting to save two younger boys from slipping.

Across Mumbai, at least 150 govindas were injured, of which 45 were admitted in several government hospitals, according to Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) data.


Last year, the count of those injured on the day of celebrations was 130 though the figure had risen to 364 the next day. The 20-ft height cap of pyramids forced several mandals to comply with the SC order even as children continued to participate in mandals.

Rajawadi hospital admitted the maximum injured (four), while other hospitals such as Sion, Nair, KEM and Bandra Bhabha admitted one each.

Prati, a Class IX student of Amulak Amirchand Bhimji High School, will undergo surgery Friday at Sion Hospital. Like him, Sahil Patekar (13) too fell off the human pyramid in Matunga’s Labour Camp area. According to the doctor treating him, he sustained a contused lacerated wound on his head. Patekar was, however, discharged by late evening from Sion Hospital.

“We reserved 10 beds in major hospitals and five in peripheral hospitals for patients injured during the celebration. We had sent an alert for all doctors in case the patient load increased. We had already made arrangements for operation theatres, availability of X-ray, CT Scan and MRI tests for Govindas,” said Dr Avinash Supe, director of tertiary education and medical colleges, BMC.

At the state-run JJ Hospital, according to Superintendent Dr Sanjay Surase, a disaster ward was kept ready for treating injured patients.
According to treating doctors, most injuries consist of abrasions and fractures this year. No fatal injury was reported by the BMC until Thursday night.

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