Mumbai: Now book a ‘kaali-peeli’ taxi through a helpline number

Mumbai: Now book a ‘kaali-peeli’ taxi through a helpline number

300 cabbies download app, get 2,000 customers registered; but they complain about influx of cool cabs, call taxis.

Booking of kaali-peeli or the traditional cabs online will now be possible with a new app ‘9211’ being launched in the city.

The helpline number — 022- 40029211 — will assist customers to book a taxi by dialing the number.

The call will then be directed to the control room which will provide a taxi which is available to the required location for picking up a passenger.

The number is a part of the ‘9211’ initiative of two entrepreneurs — Malay Kothari and Tejas Kothari — who are attempting to make travelling by these cabs quicker and hassle-free.



“Receiving a positive feedback from the app, we extended its facilities by including a helpline number for those not savvy using smart phones. By any means, one needs to only communicate the pickup location which eliminates the chances of a ‘No’ from the driver and ensures getting a ride,” said Malay.

Almost 300 taxi drivers have downloaded the 9211 application and had almost 2,000 customers registered with the application.
Besides, there are 3,000 offline taxi drivers who may not be frequent app-users but are alerted on a pickup from the control room, if there is a need.

One among such customers, who claimed to have repeatedly used the application, Mitul Shah said, “I believe taxis rank higher in number when compared to other modes like call cabs. The drivers of call taxis are not well aware of the roads and rely on online mapping systems.

On the contrary, taxi drivers are well-adept with routes. The kaali-peeli taxis come within five minutes and the response is simply great.

The best thing is that the drivers cannot say no and our trip is ensured.”

There are more than 35,000 registered taxis on the streets of Mumbai. The influx of cool cabs or call taxis which have cut into their loyal customer base remains the primary complaint of kaali-peeli taxi drivers.