Mhada flats mostly for HIG this year

Mhada flats mostly for HIG this year

MHADA lottery this year will not really be affordable housing for many citizens.

MHADA lottery this year will not really be affordable housing for many citizens. Bulk of the houses sold through the annual lottery of the Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority (MHADA) — almost half the number of houses are for the high income group (HIG) category — are being priced between Rs 7,000 a square feet and Rs 16,000 a square feet.

The housing authority will sell a total of 1,239 houses in Mumbai through its lottery this year,with a majority of them—more than 47 percent—for the higher-income group category. The number is higher than last year when MHADA had made available 867 affordable houses in Mumbai. The houses are priced anywhere between Rs 3,500 per square feet for a house under the economically weaker section category and Rs 16,267 per square feet for a house under the middle-income group category.

“Over the past three years,the cost of construction has gone up at least three times and MHADA is feeling the pinch just like the rest of the realty market. That’s the reason MHADA houses are becoming costlier,” said Niranjankumar Sudhanshu,chief officer of MHADA’s Mumbai board.

Of the 1,239 houses,168 houses are those that were included in MHADA lotteries over the past two years,but have for some or the other reason,not been allotted.


Some of the most expensive houses that MHADA will sell this year are located in the Tunga village of Powai. MHADA has put up 492 tenements for sale in that complex for the high-income category and 255 for the middle-income group category.

The houses there for the higher-income group will be 476.74 square feet in size and have been priced at Rs 76.6 lakh. The flats available for the middle-income group there will be 305 square feet and will cost a total of Rs 49.76 lakh.

“The cost is higher in Tunga,Powai,because we have to build a Municipal Training Institute for the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation there. The land has been reserved for that purpose and we have made an agreement with the civic body to that effect. Besides,the site was a rocky hill,which was cut for construction. So,overall,there is the loading of all these factors on the cost,” Sudhanshu said.

The second-most expensive flats that MHADA will sell this year are 2 units located in its Shimpoli-Kandivali layout for the higher-income group. Incidentally,these houses were sold as part of its lottery in 2011 and more than 30 people surrendered the flats,some giving a written explanation about the cost being too high. MHADA had sold these flats at Rs 11,588 per square feet then. The price of these houses now is Rs 15,002 square feet.

The other tenements for the higher-income group are located at Gorai road costing Rs 66 lakh for a 740 square feet flat,Shailendra Nagar in Dahisar costing Rs 39.6 lakh for 571 square feet and one unit in a MHADA layout in Powai whose cost is yet undecided.

For the middle-income group,other than Tunga,Powai,MHADA will sell flats in Vinobha Bhave Nagar,Kurla,for Rs 43.83 lakh for 437 square feet. Options will also be available in Charkop ranging from Rs 47 lakh to Rs 53 lakh. Besides,one unit each will be available in Pratiksha Nagar,Sion,and Gayakwad Nagar,Malwani,for Rs 30.5 lakh and Rs 28.9 lakh,respectively.

Houses for the lower-income group are available in Charkop for Rs 24.3 lakh and Rs 26.9 lakh,in Malwani for rs 21.9 lakh,Shimpoli-Kandivali for Rs 19.6 lakh,and a few stray units in Kurla and Mankhurd. Similarly,houses for the economically weaker sections are available in Magathane,Powai,Malwani and Turbhe ranging from Rs 6.45 lakh to Rs 10.87 lakh.

Overall,MHADA will sell 584 tenements for the high-income group category,357 for the middle-income group category,a hundred for the low-income group category and the rest for the economically weaker sections.