A day before my school reopened,I was quite excited,and memories of the year that was came flooding back

A day before my school reopened,I was quite excited,and memories of the year that was came flooding back. The first day at school after a vacation of two months was amazing.

I was anxious and excited to meet new friends,enter a new class,meet my class teacher and the new experiences that lay in store for me. I was nervous because I did not want to be shifted to another division and be separated from my friends. But everything happened so orderly.

I met my friends after two months and we got back to own routine of getting up early,getting ready for school,learning new things ,making new friends ,meeting my old teacher and glad to know my new teacher and subjects.

After the first day,I realised now this was my routine ,this was my schedule and my second home for this academic year.


I was a great experience. I will never forget the first day at school.

Muskan Gulabani,VIII-F

St. Augustine’s High School,Nerul

The first day of school was very memorable. It was full of excitement and thrill. My teacher is Ms Hetal. She was nice to us, played games with us. She was very lovable. She taught us many things.

It was a unique experience with a different place,different teachers and friends. I made many friends.

I remember we went to the playroom. I played with colourful soft toys. I had to wear a blue and white uniform. My teacher took us to the assembly hall where we danced and sang the nursery rhymes. It was then time to disperse,and our teacher guided us to the gate and handed us to our parents.


Cambridge School Kandivali (E)

It’s my first day at school. The new faces around you make you feel like an alien. They look at you as if you were an interesting creature they had never seen. The feeling of loneliness is enough to make your first day at school miserable. But later,when you make new friends and get to know others,you feel like the world is yours. You are not an alien,but the same old guy from the same old neighborhood. You hang out with your new friends,forgetting about your old friends with whom you have spent a part of your life.

Someday,you’ll remember all the glorious moments you have spent with your old and new friends.

Ajay Parekh,VIII – H,

Ryan International school,


When I entered school,I felt nervous. However,the kindness of our headmaster and class teacher soothed me and I was not nervous anymore. The class teacher asked my name and whereabouts. He patted me on my back. I replied to some of his questions promptly. He was pleased. He also advised me to purchase the text books.

At first,I did not understand why there were so many teachers. The bell rang. All the students in our class again stood up. The teacher wrote some words on the blackboard. Then the bell rang. Another class began.

Only two classes were held after recess. The last class was a drawing-class. The classes came to an end around 2 pm. I was not willing to return from school. The memory of my first day at school is very pleasant. I feel proud when I describe it to others.

Khushi Patel,

Ryan International School,

Malad (West)-ICSE

Native ability,without education is like a tree without a fruit”,these words were rightly said by Aristippus.

My formal education began with kindergarten at the age of three. I did not have any idea about the world outside until then. It was a new beginning for me. Getting out of those four walls did not come easily to me,but I remember trying to adjust to the surroundings and pulling out some words to people I found approachable.

At first,I was perplexed about the happenings around me as I was unaware of this routine. I always remember my mother telling me about it when she saw me coming out of the kindergarten building,my eyes filled with tears and my arms stretched wide. That day,I felt what the world was like outside your parents’ warmth and protection.

I will not lie by saying that it was a good day,but at that time,I started doing some of the most important things in any individual’s life — learning and adjusting to one’s surroundings. “Memories fade away with time but never vanish”,and that was certainly one of the most memorable days of the 13 years of my life.

Tejas D Tiwari,

LR & SM Vissanji Academy,

Andheri East

I have been studying in St. Augustine’s High School in Nerul for the past 11years. I still remember my first day at this school. I was happy and excited when I was told that I would be sent to a new school.

I got up early that day to prepare for school. With my mom,I started walking towards my school. On the way,it began to rain and by the time we reached,we were drenched.

I was a little nervous when I entered the principal’s office. She asked me a few questions and I answered her confidently.

I was crying when my mom left; nevertheless,I entered my classroom and took a seat. After a few minutes,the teacher entered the class and asked me to introduce myself. After that,the recess bell rang.

Instead of having lunch,I went about the school campus,which had a library,a huge lab,a hall,a play ground etc. Meanwhile,the bell rang. At 12.30 pm,the last bell rang and the classes were dispersed.

When I reached in home,I told my mother how school was. She was glad to hear my account.

Pratiksha Jha,X-D

St. Augustine’s High School,Nerul

I am sure all of us have sweet memories of our childhood as well as the first day at school. Here is mine.

I am in Std IX but I remember the day I had first been to school.

Getting up early was not part of my life,but that day,I did. That day changed my life. Getting dressed in my new uniform seemed a little odd,but I did that quickly and then headed off to school with my father.

The grand building of the school seemed like a mansion. The children were almost sobbing,remembering their parents. For a change,the teacher let us introduce ourselves,we chit-chatted,and the time passed thus,ending our first day at school. It was a relief coming back home. This was my sweet experience,what was yours?

Smit Jain,IX,Ryan International School,Malad (west)-ICSE

I woke up in the morning of my first day of the school,wondering how things were going to be that day.

I was really excited to go to school as I have been observing other children go to school in the bus.

When the matador No. 3 came near our building,I ran into the vehicle holding my mother’s hands and taking her also into the bus.

At the school,I was pleasantly surprised when cartoon characters like Tom & Jerry,Donald Duck,Noddy,Mickey Mouse,etc. greeted us in the class room. I was very happy to see animals drawn on the walls of the class. We were introduced by my class teachers Ms. Meghna Patil and Ms. Lalita.

When I came back home,my mother asked me how was my first day at school. I told her jokingly that I have lot of pain in my ears from all the crying of other kids.


DAV Public School

I was three years old when my parents admitted me in DAV Public school,Thane,in the nursery section. I remember my first day in school. It was a very different experience and a scary one,too.

That morning,my mother gave me a bath and dressed me in the school uniform. I was happy to wear the new uniform and was all set to go to school. I knew that I was going to school but thought that it would be like playschool.

Both my parents came to drop me to school. As we entered the school,we could hear children crying and shouting. My parents had told me about it and I was prepared for it. It was the first time that my parents were leaving me at a place with so many kids around — most of them shouting and crying.

There were two teachers to take care of the children. They were not allowing the parents in the classroom. So,one of the teachers took me inside. As soon as I saw and heard the kids crying inside,I decided to run away.

As I turned around and started running towards the door,the teacher pulled me inside and closed the door. I was inside the classroom,without my parents to make me comfortable.

The teachers were kind and trying their best to make us comfortable. The classroom was very colourful with nice pictures. There were alphabet and number charts.

One of the teachers told us a story. Slowly,we all settled down and all the children were happy to hear the story. As soon as the story was over,the school bell rang and it was time for snacks. My mother had given me some butter cookies in my new tiffin box. During the snack break,I offered the cookies to the boy sitting next to me. He smiled at me and took a cookie. He,too,offered me the cake that he had brought. We asked each others’ names and since that day Kailas has been my best friend.

After the snack break,the other teacher drew pictures on the board and explained us the alphabet. The school bell rang once again and all the children were very happy to meet their parents again. I,too,ran out to meet my parents who were waiting outside school and hugged them as if I was seeing them after a long time.

Thus,my first day at school was a very memorable one.

Karthik,V-C,DAV Public School

Many events happened in my life long ago. I have forgotten some but distinctly remember others. They will remain fresh in my memory. My first day at school at the age of 8 years is one such event when I entered the 3rd Standard.

My father taught me at home. I was a bit nervous at first. It was a new class to me. I feared that I would be among strangers. I did not know how the boys would receive me. I had also feared the teachers. But my parents encouraged me. They said that at school,I would get playmates of my age. The teachers also were affectionate. At last,I got over my fear and nervousness to some extent.

On an auspicious day,my father took me to the school. Our school building was very big. I felt nervous when I entered the school premises with my father. I saw many boys. Some of them were my age. My new teacher received me affectionately. She asked me my name and what books I had read at home.

I was found fit for class III. A bearer escorted me to class III room. The teacher in the class asked me my name. He bade me to take my seat on a bench near him. I had a great fear about teachers. I had heard that they beat up children. But I was glad to see that out teacher was not like that. He affectionately asked me some questions. Fortunately,I answered those correctly and he was pleased. There were two more periods before recess. In the meantime,I spoke to a few boys. They were kind to me. During the recess,I played with the boys. I got over my nervousness on that the first day itself and started enjoying in my new class with my new friends.

Dhruv P Kotegaonkar,V-G,DAV Public School

School is a place where we learn about the dos and don’ts of the society. It is like a temple where our principal and teachers are like gods.

I remember my first day in school when I joined DAV Public School,Himachal Pradesh. I was very excited to have everything new — my uniform,my school bag,my tiffin box,water bottle — all pink. After all,it is my favorite colour.

When my parents dropped me at school,there was smile on my face. I made new friends. We danced,did colouring,shared our tiffin boxes and so on. How time passed and I started moving to higher classes every year. I was in the first standard,when my father was transferred to Thane,where I joined DAV Public School,again.

I did not like my new school as the teachers and classmates were new. I had no friends. For the first time,I cried while going to school.

Slowly,I made friends and started liking my teachers. I sometimes feel my school is my personal property as I feel only I should be the monitor of the class; I should always lead my school assembly,and should get all the prizes in competitions.

Express Opinion

I miss my junior classes where books were fun. But now we have to study,make projects,do holiday homework,prepare for exams,get good grades. There is competition all over. But we friends never think of grades. We love to giggle,and love to sing songs when teachers are absent.

With time we will get busy in a grown-up world but we will always miss our school,as it is the best part of our life.

Arunima Sharma,V-F,

DAV Public School

My first day of school after 4th class reopened on 3rd April,2013,which fell on my Birthday. I was very happy and excited. On this day,I felt everything new — new class,new teachers,new subjects,new books and new friends. We all welcomed our new class teacher and she introduced herself to us. She also asked us to introduce ourselves.

My teacher asked me,“Is today your Birthday?” I replied,“Yes.”

She wished me and asked all the students to stand up and they wished me,too. I though it was the happiest day for me,but I miss my earlier teachers and classmates.

I love to go to school,because school is a second home,where we learn all the good things — manners,knowledge and education,which help us grow and to achieve our goals.

Anushka Ahuja,V-G,

DAV Public School

I was four when I first went to school. I still remember that day being crowded with unknown faces,that feeling cannot be expressed in words. All I could remember at that age was that I was missing my parents. Extremely nervous,I entered the classroom and found that almost every child was nervous. I later realised that day all were new. Then,a woman who resembled my mother entered the classroom. She was calm and caring. She placated us and quietly wiped the tears of those crying. Then,she came to the first child in the first row and asked what his name was. One by one,she asked everyone’s name. When she came to me,I do not know why but I got up and hugged her tightly. I just wanted to calm myself. Then I told her my name,and she calmly made me sit,patting my cheeks. She was there for the entire day. By the end,I was feeling less nervous. This day will be in my memory forever of how feeling so nervous. I overcome my fears and became what I am today.

Anshula Shukla,V-G,DAV Public School

It is natural on the part of every student to remember the first day at school. It was terribly afraid and anxious as I went to school with my father. It was my mother who first thought of sending me to school.

My father took me to school,which was an unknown place for me. Teachers and students were strangers.

It was big building with a large compound wall. As a child,I staggered at the sight of the building. The atmosphere of the school was calm and quiet. I was not acquainted with such atmosphere.

It was an old and reputed school in our locality. My father had been a student there. The headmaster knew my father well and greeted him with a smile.

My father introduced me to the headmaster and requested him to admit me to the school. Then I was enrolled as a student.

The headmaster allowed me to attend the class. I was nervous. My father left me in the classroom and went away. I was about to cry.

However,the kind headmaster and the class teacher calmed me down. Other students looked at me curiously. The teacher wrote some words on the blackboard. He taught simple arithmetics. Then the bell rang. Another class began.

That day,I became friends with Sandeep. As it was my first day,I did not carry tiffin. Sandeep shared it with me. Only two classes were held after recess. We told stories. The last class was a drawing-class. The teacher was pleased when I set aside my nervousness and drew a jug on the black board. Classes ended around 4 pm I was not willing to return home.

Aditya Suresh,DAV Public School

My first day of school was when I joined 1st std at DAV Public School. I still remember that day. I wore a new uniform,shoes and socks,and brought a lunch box,water bottle and school bag. I was very excited because this was the first time I wore a tie.

The date was 2nd April,2009. I woke up early and got ready. I went early to the school to meet my new class-teacher and friends. I was very happy to see my favourite class-teacher Rachana ma’am. I wished her a good morning,entered the class and sat with my best friend,Aryan.

The bell rang for prayer. After the prayer,she took our attendance and asked us to introduce ourselves. After that we started studying. I was happy to write on a new notebook. From this day,we started to write full sentences. After some time,it was recess time. I was sad because I had forgotten to bring my tiffin. My friends shared their tiffins with me. We also enjoyed the PT period.


At 10.45 am,the last bell rang and after Vande Mataram,my first day of school was over. It was full of fun,study and enjoyment.

Aaradhya Chaudhari,V-G,DAV Public School