Marathon runner who suffered cardiac arrest still critical

Marathon runner who suffered cardiac arrest still critical

The doctor says, “still a matter of life and death.”

Marathon runner Kirit Ganatra, who had suffered a cardiac arrest during Sunday’s marathon, is still in a critical condition, doctors said on Monday. Ganatra (52), a Silvassa resident who owns a factory there, had suffered a cardiac arrest about 300 meters before the finish line near the Hutatma Chowk while running the 21 kilometer event of the 12th edition of the Mumbai Marathon.

According to doctors at Bombay Hospital where Ganatra is currently admitted in its Intensive Cardiac Care Unit, he remains unconscious and is currently on ventilator support. Chief Cardiologist Dr. B K Goyal, who is treating the patient said that his situation is “still a matter of life and death.”

“After he had a cardiac arrest, Ganatra fell on his head resulting in serious head injury at the back of his skull. He was revived on his way to the hospital and continues to remain critical,” Goyal added. Doctors also said that Gantara is not brain dead as he is responding to stimuli like contact on his toes and fingers.

“Gantra underwent a CT scan. Although his brain is swollen there is no sign of hemorrhage. We are treating him with cardiac medicines so that he does not suffer another arrest. Once he is awake we will be able to ascertain the extent of his head injury,” Goyal added. According to doctors, Ganatra had undergone an angiography test for his heart, when he turned 50 in 2012 as a routine medical examination and the results were positive.

“He has no history of any heart conditions and has run the Mumbai marathon twice before,” Goyal added. Meanwhile, Ram Singh and Ashish Malkar, who were the other two marathoners admitted to Bombay hospital on Sunday with a knee fracture and convulsions to the head respectively, were discharged by the hospital on Monday.