Land reserved for three sewage pumping stations

“The plot is predominantly occupied by a large industrial slum settlement. We haven’t touched areas where the previous DP had marked a reservation of slum rehabilitation and work is underway,” said an official.

Written by Arita Sarkar | Mumbai | Published: June 30, 2017 3:09:03 am

CONSIDERING the dire need of treating the city’s sewage currently being discharged into the sea at several locations, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has made the provision for three new pumping stations for sewage treatment in the eastern suburbs.

As part of the plan for the additional land handed over by the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority earlier this year, the reservation for three pumping stations have been made at Parig Khadi in L-ward (Kurla) and will be a part of the proposed land use report which will later be annexed to the Development Plan 2034.

Officials from the Development Plan department said that the sewage treatment and pumping stations are part of the Mithi River Upgradation Project, an initiative announced as part of the civic budget earlier this year. Paying heed to environmental norms which mandate treatment of sewage, municipal commissioner Ajoy Mehta pointed out that earlier, the Mithi river would only carry excess water from Virar during monsoon and would otherwise remain dry.

Currently, however, around 75 nullahs empty their contents into the Mithi river.

“The aim is to tap these nullahs and ensure that sewage is treated at these pumping stations properly before it is released. This will be a part of the beautification project of the Mithi river that we will take up. Our aim is eventually to do away with de-silting work, which we can take up once in a while instead of annually,” said Mehta.

The reservation for the pumping stations has been included in a 27.4 hectare plot at Parig Khadi which is a strip between LBS Road and Mithi river. Apart from the pumping stations, the DP department officials have also made new reservations for amenities including a school, dispensary, market, playground, municipal chowki and parking lot.

Two other plots for pumping stations are located in the suburbs, which include a 47.4 hectare plot near Bandra Kurla Complex in H-West ward and a 39.3 hectare plot near the Oshiwara District Centre which falls between K-West and P-South ward.

While reservations for social amenities have been included in both the plots, the plot located near Jogeshwari has been left largely for slum rehabilitation. “The plot is predominantly occupied by a large industrial slum settlement. We haven’t touched areas where the previous DP had marked a reservation of slum rehabilitation and work is underway,” said the official.

The plans for the plot near the Bandra Kurla Complex, however, will be different and will include various public facilities.

“Apart from the regular social amenities, we have made reservations for a municipal sports complex and a veterinary hospital. We have also identified an open plot for a recreation ground,” said the official.

He added that after handing over the plot, MMRDA took back around 9 hectares of it which has a casting yard and was previously owned by Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC). The official added that all the plots are currently occupied by slum settlements and the residents will be moved to alternative plots.

After marking the reservations on the land, the DP department officials are now in the process of finalising the development control regulations (DCR). “While legally the DC regulations of the entire city have to match with that of the additional area, we are analyzing them to ensure that no one is affected by them once the new DP 2034 is enforced,” said the official. The BMC had released the existing land use report of the three plots on March 29 and is expected to submit the proposed land use report in the next weeks.

The officials added that the plan for the additional area will be added as an amendment to the draft DP 2034 before it is sent to the state government. Similar to the process of the draft development plan, the plan for the newly included area would have to go through the planning committee followed by the general body before it is sent to the Urban Development department.

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