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Sunday, July 22, 2018

‘Kwatra killers came to loot,not to murder’

Navraj Kwatra’s postmortem report,which said he was smothered to death.

Written by Megha Sood | Published: September 18, 2012 12:47:14 am

Navraj Kwatra’s postmortem report,which said he was smothered to death

The MHB police are pursuing a line of investigation that the two men who allegedly killed Navraj Kwatra,the 65-year old son of well-known Punjabi writer Amrita Pritam,in Borivali on Friday,had information that the victim was about to get Rs 30 lakh as token amount for a bungalow he had sold.

According to them,the two men perhaps did not intend murdering Kwatra,but smothered him after he screamed and alerted the neighbours. What has prompted them to think along these lines is Kwatra’s postmortem report,which said he was smothered to death. “The two killers had not brought any weapon with them nor had carried the ropes with which the victim was tied,” said a police officer investigating the case.

The probe so far has revealed that the two men knew Kwatra was about to get Rs 30 lakh as token money for a bungalow he had sold. “The intention of the two was to rob the cash by threatening him. Kwatra,who impressed girls and models with his wealth,had told many of his clients about the transaction. We suspect that the word might have spread and reached these alleged robbers,” said

the officer.

The two men might have entered the studio apartment on Friday as courier boys and threatened Kwatra to part with the money. However,when he raised an alarm,the robbers panicked. To muffle the noise,the two tied his limbs and shut his mouth with hands. “In the mean time it is possible that Kwatra’s neighbour rang the door bell hearing his scream. in panic,the robbers smothered Kwatra such that it killed him,” said the officer based on circumstantial evidence.

The two then waited and when the coast was clear opened the door and ran without realising that they had been seen by a few residents of the building. “Kwatra’s assistant has been detained as he knew details of Kwatra’s life,” the officer said. The police have questioned over 35 models and clients of Kwatra including a few college girls.

At around 12.30 pm on Friday,the MHB police were informed by the neighbour that two men entered Kwatra’s flat on the ground floor in Wilderness Apartments near LIC Colony in Borivali (west) that he had converted into a photo studio. The neighbour,who is also a senior citizen heard his shout for help. He rushed to Kwatra’s flat and rang the doorbell several times. When nobody answered,he rushed to the rear side of the building. The two accused,who police suspect were waiting from the senior citizen to move,rushed out of the main door.

While the accused fled,the neighbours went to Kwatra’s studio and found him lying on the floor with hands and legs tied. Kwatra was declared dead at the hospital.

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