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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Jiah Khan suicide: Supplementary chargesheet lists probable reasons

The chargesheet mentions a note by Jiah alias Nafisa Rizvi, 25, stating he had promised “we would get engaged” after a year.

Written by Mohamed Thaver | Mumbai | Updated: December 12, 2015 12:17:15 am
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A PROMISE not honoured, being ignored and a “misunderstanding” are some reasons that drove actress Jiah Khan to suicide, states the supplementary chargesheet filed by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) before a sessions court, which names Sooraj Pancholi for abetting suicide.

The special court Judge AS Shendge took cognisance of the chargesheet on Friday and pulled up the CBI after sections of the chargesheet appeared in the press even before the court could take cognisance of it.

The chargesheet mentions a note by Jiah alias Nafisa Rizvi, 25, stating he had promised “we would get engaged” after a year. Jiah stated, “you promised me once we made it to one year we would get engaged” as indicative of the “false promises given by the accused (Sooraj) to the deceased (Jiah)”. The chargesheet states Jiah developed an emotional attachment due to his promise and “wilful conduct of the accused drove the deceased to commit suicide”.

In one note by Jiah, mentioned in the chargesheet, she states, “I was scared of getting pregnant” and “I aborted our baby”. The chargesheet mentions a woman who questioned Jiah about injury marks and Jiah replied they were marks of beatings from Sooraj.
The chargesheet says on June 3, 2013 — the day Jiah committed suicide — till around 4 pm, Jiah was home with her mother and told her the producer of a movie she had gone to audition for in Hyderabad liked and selected her for a Telugu movie. She made calls to Sooraj, but he did not answer. She finally got talking to him at 7.45 pm, when according to him, she told him she had bagged two Telugu movies and an item song, says the chargesheet. He asked a domestic help to deliver a bouquet to congratulate her.

According to the chargesheet, Jiah went to a cousin’s house at 9.20 pm. It says the cousin found her upset and when she asked her about “her restlessness”, Jiah replied that she was expecting an important call. At 9.20 pm, Jiah got a call from Hyderabad saying she had been selected for an item song in a Telugu movie. Jiah reached home and on finding the bouquet from Sooraj, called him at 9.25 pm and thanked him. The chargesheet says at 9.53 pm, she handed over the bouquet to her watchman and asked him to throw it in a dustbin and there were no phone calls received in this period.

At 10.04 pm, Sooraj called Jiah and told him he was going to meet a jewellery designer at a Juhu-based hotel. The chargesheet says to confirm the same, Jiah called the jewellery designer, who replied she was to meet Sooraj the next morning. Jiah called Sooraj and accused him of telling her lies. It says Sooraj called up the designer who told him she will meet him the next morning and he asked her to call up Jiah and clarify the misunderstanding. The designer tried contacting Jiah, but her phone was busy as Jiah was calling Sooraj, says the chargesheet. When Sooraj did not answer the calls, Jiah sent him messages following which he deleted her messenger account, it says.
Jiah then called Sooraj’s domestic help, asking for him. Based on Sooraj’s instruction, the help told Jiah that Sooraj was busy with his father. As per the chargesheet, his father Aditya Pancholi was not present there and Sooraj lied to avoid meeting Jiah. The chargesheet says Jiah, who had by then reached Sooraj’s bungalow, started leaving from there. The help told Sooraj about Jiah’s presence. Sooraj asked his friend to call Jiah, but by then she had left.

It says around 10.45 pm, Jiah and Sooraj had a long call and fought bitterly. At 10.48 pm, Jiah returned to her house and Sooraj made a very short call and sent her 10 messages since she stopped responding to his calls, it says. The chargesheet states in one of the messages, he informed Jiah he was meeting the jewellery designer to surprise Jiah on Thursday, and complained she was ‘spying’.

At 11.20 pm, Rabiya Khan, who had gone to a friends place, reached her residence and found Jiah hanging from the ceiling fan, it says. She called up her friends. Ironically, Aditya was present at the residence of her friends and was the one to drive her to Jiah’s residence. Aditya called up his son in the meantime and told him to switch off his mobile till he reached home, it says.

Hours after the chargesheet was filed, Rabiya questioned why a girl who seemed so happy would commit suicide. “I was hoping CBI would invoke murder charge. On the night she committed suicide, she sent an SMS stating she was so excited that her cousin sister was coming to India next morning. What changed so much that drove her to commit suicide? It is murder,” she alleged.

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