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‘Hope to meet 2017 deadline for first phase completion’

We need to seek only the Bombay High Court’s permission for removal of mangroves and we hope to get it very soon.

What is the status of the Navi Mumbai project now?

We have received almost all the environment clearances. We need to seek only the Bombay High Court’s permission for removal of mangroves and we hope to get it very soon. The Request for Qualification and the Request for Proposal documents are also ready and we will be able to issue them as soon as we get the remaining clearances. The major issue is the acquisition of the land. We require 671 hectares of private land and we are in talks with PAPs to find out a solution that is beneficial for both the parties.

The PAPs are not very happy with the 22.5% developed land compensation proposal.

We have put forth a proposal of handing over 22.5% of developed land back to the PAPs. This is the best offer we can give. Giving anything more would make the project unviable. This proposal is beneficial for all of us. We have made some calculations and found out that a 700 sqm plot close to the airport with an FSI of 1.5 is currently valued at Rs 21 lakh. This value will increase to Rs 7 crore once the airport is ready. This will definitely help the PAPs.


The PAPs have complained that compensation of land acquired earlier has still not been cleared.

Yes,there was a problem,but things are moving now. In some cases,compensation could not be given due to our mistakes. In some other cases,it was held up due to legal issues. We are now concentrating on clearing all the previous claims of the villagers. Things are moving now. When I took over,all I used to hear was complaints about corruption. The number has now dropped substantially. There is a qualitative change in the approach of our officials.

Will the airport come up in Navi Mumbai and by what time?

We are working very hard to ensure it does. Earlier,PAPs were not even willing to negotiate. Now,at least they have come to the negotiating table. As far as specifying a date is concerned,we hope to meet the 2017 deadline for the completion of the first phase.

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