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‘Global warming is causing temperatures to rise’

Quest asked students of Mumbai schools: what is the impact of global warming on society?

global-warmingImpacts of climate change due to the human-caused trend of global warming are now becoming evident, and these impacts are only a faint rumbling of future climate impacts if substantial mitigating action is not taken soon. While impacts due to natural climate change have always occurred, global warming accentuates these impacts. For the earth as a whole, these extra impacts will be overwhelmingly negative. Regionally and temporarily, there will be variations. Glaciers and snow packs that now provide water to many millions of people are melting, foreshadowing severe regional water shortages in the future. Disruption of food supplies, agriculture, and fisheries will occur drastically for many hundreds of millions, conservatively, by 2100. -Adwait Bhostekar, Class IX, St Francis High School, Vasai

It’s nearly impossible to overstate the threat of climate change. Greenhouse gas emissions are rising more rapidly than predicted and consequently the world is warming more quickly. Global warming will have catastrophic effects such as accelerating sea-level rise, droughts, floods, storms and heat waves. These will impact some of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people, disrupting food production, and threatening vitally important species, habitats and ecosystems. Despite compelling scientific evidence, governments and businesses have responded very slowly. As we work to reduce emissions, we must simultaneously begin to adapt to the increasing impacts of climate change. Human beings are exposed to climate change through changing weather patterns and indirectly through changes in water, air and food quality and changes in ecosystems, agriculture, industry and settlements and the economy. According to an assessment of science, the effects of climate change to date have been small, but are projected to progressively increase in all countries and regions. -Gokul Nair, Class IX,St Francis High School, Vasai

Global warming is caused primarily by human activity such as burning fossil fuels, chemicals and other pollutants that are later released into the earth’s atmosphere. This warming trend disturbs the balance of a natural system that has taken billions of years to develop. This delicate balance exists in a complex interaction between the atmosphere and the oceans, land surfaces, and their vegetation, and snow and ice-cover, which is driven by the energy from the sun. The earth receives energy from the sun that heats the earth and causes our weather; in turn, the earth’s surface radiates energy back into space. Thus, naturally occurring atmospheric greenhouse gases such as water vapour, carbondioxide, including other gases serve to trap some of the outgoing energy and to retain heat in earth’s surface. This natural “greenhouse effect” is important in keeping our atmosphere in a balanced state. -Hemant, Class IX,
St Xavier’s High School, Kashigaon

Global warming is a big problem in today’s society. Global warming also known as the greenhouse effect is a problem everyone will soon have to face. The people of the younger generations should be educated about what global warming is and that it is caused due to the way people are treating the environment. We are now entering the greenhouse century as we know it. Planet earth is estimated to be 4.5 billion years old, and life on earth has existed for more than 3.5 billion years. Humans have been on earth for 2 to 3 million years. It is only been in the past 200 years people have been affected by global warming. The last 40 years have been the most damaging.As the impacts of human influences have grown, so have the risks associated with those impacts. New technologies carry increasing risks, and the scale, frequency, and impacts of disaster caused or influenced by human activity are growing tremendously. The risks to the Earth’s natural systems are becoming significantly concerning. In my conclusion, global warming should be stopped as soon as possible. -Imran Khan, Class IX, St Xavier’s High School, Kashigaon

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The effects of global warming are the environmental and social changes caused directly or indirectly by human emissions of greenhouse gases. There is a scientific consensus that climate change is occurring, and that human activities are the primary driver. Many impacts of climate change have already been observed, including glacier retreat changes in the timing of seasonal events and changes in agricultural productivity. There is strong evidence that global sea level rose gradually over the 20th century. With high confidence, authors of IPCC AR4 SYR (2007)were uncertain whether the increase in rate from 1993 to 2003 was due to natural variations in sea level over the time period, or whether it reflected an increase in the underlying long-term trend. -Jyeshtha Bhatt, Class IX,
St Francis High School, Vasai

Global warming is something that has been going on now for a long time. Over the years scientist have been telling people, that all the pollutants that we put in the air was doing damage to the earth and the ozone. Global Warming causes many problems to the local life of common people. Some of the health problems that can occur that are not as drastic as malaria and death are, sever skin burns which could lead into skin cancer and in some cases lung problems. The scientist have figured out the chemical that does this damage, it is carbon dioxide which is the primary greenhouse gas, and all most all of the carbon dioxide comes from fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas which are used to make our lives easier. -Mukul, Class IX, St. Mary’s High School, Mira Road

Globalwarming is threat to the world. There has been awareness about the dangers of global warming, unfortunately nothing substantial is done to check, prevent it. Global warming led to unexpected devastations, in various parts of the world. During the 1990s Europe, America, etc have experienced the worst type of storms, hurricanes & tornadoes. Because of global warming temperatures rise, oceans & seas become warmer, & release more energy in the atmosphere which leads to violent storms & very huge losses in terms of man & material. Due to global warming the temperature of the earth rising results into storms, cyclones, droughts, floods and forest fire havocs. -Shivangi Pandey, Class IX, St Joseph High School, New panvel


For many years now, the subject of global warming has been the cause of heated debates throughout the world. The theory is based on the idea that greenhouse gasses are accumulating in Earth’s atmosphere as a result of human activities, causing surface air temperatures and sub-surface ocean temperatures to rise. Debates have covered its causes and effects, and whether or not it actually exists and is a true threat to the planet. One of the most popular theories being debated is the “greenhouse effect” which is caused by greenhouse gases — naturally occurring gases such as water vapour, methane, oxygen and carbon dioxide. Plate tectonics continue to change the face of the planet. The sea floor is still spreading, and we still have earthquakes and volcanoes. Convection currents created by the tremendous heat and pressure at the core of the Earth move the plates. These processes release tremendous amounts of carbon dioxide and water vapor. We know that these processes have been taking place since the beginning of time and, according to the geologic record, there have been numerous greenhouse and icehouse ages. -Rahul Nair, Class IX, St Mary’s High School, Mira Road

Carbon dioxide plays a major part of impacting the earth’s climate. Carbon dioxide traps heat from the Sun. This effect is considered global warming, which is often referred to as the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect traps solar heat, like a greenhouse for plants, which causes the solar energy from being released. Global warming or the greenhouse effect is believed to have been causing our temperatures to rise. If global warming persists, many problems will begin to occur in the coming decades. Global warming has caused some speculation. The earth’s climate has been changing for millions of years, making global warming a reality. Human activities contribute to global warming. Some of these activities include, the burning of fossil fuels, deforestations, anything that produces methane gas, fertilizers, and other chemicals. So, in my conclusion I would like to say that global warming has a diverse effect on the environment of Earth. -Shruti Asgaonkar, IX, St. Mary’s High School, Mira

Global warming will have serious impacts on the environment and on society. Higher temperature will cause melting of ice in Greenland, Antarctica. This will accelerate the rise of sea level. Global warming is expected to occur in the 21st century faster, most plant and animal species will be able to cope with. Some will adapt but others will suffer and many will extinct. Global warming will also affect human health. There may be more heat-related illness in hotter summers and increased breathing problems as higher temperatures increase air pollution in cities, reducing air quality. The malaria mosquito may also be able to other regions of the world where it is currently too cold to survive and breed.  More extreme weather, for example storms, floods and droughts will have severe impacts on society. -Divya chonkar, Class IX, St. Joseph’s High School, New Panvel

First published on: 09-02-2015 at 03:56 IST
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