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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Fusion yoga for kids

For Lara Baumann practising yoga is as necessary as having a meal and it is this passion for yoga that has brought her back to India.

Written by Swapnil Rawal | Published: January 30, 2011 12:27:56 am

London-based Lara Baumann is holding a yoga workshop for underprivileged children in the city on Sunday

For Lara Baumann practising yoga is as necessary as having a meal and it is this passion for yoga that has brought her back to India to impart her knowledge to the people of the country where it originated.

Baumann,a London-based yoga instructor,and her student Anita Vaswani are arranging a yoga workshop for a group of underprivileged kids on Sunday. “The idea is to give yoga back to the country where it started and where I learnt it. Practising yoga hasn’t quite caught up in every section of India yet. There are celebrities who practise it and some elderly people as well,but they are in minority. Yoga should start early on in life when the bones are not fully developed,” said Baumann.

She has discovered a method of yoga practice which she calls quantum method yoga,which is a fusion of yoga and ayurveda. “Quantum yoga is a dynamic flow of exercise which is designed according to individual needs. Kids have to be taught differently,while it differs from adults in various ways,” Baumann explained.

To make it interesting for the 20 kids associated with Akanksha NGO who will take part in the yoga session,Baumann has thought of a new way. “I have designed the whole session as a story revolving around Shaktiman,the Indian superhero,on how he saves the world. It would make it really interesting for the kids as I hear Shaktiman is hugely popular among the kids here. Also Shakti or energy is the theme,” she said.

Vaswani,who recently graduated and would start teaching from Sunday,is an entrepreneur from New York has shifted base from the US to Mumbai five years ago. Though she has had stints with yoga since childhood,she got “hooked on” to it two years ago.

“It is fabulous to bring awareness about yoga and how it is important for us to embrace yoga as a lifestyle in India. It is important to bring awareness to the fact that all of us should benefit from the positivity of yoga,including the youth of India,” Vaswani said.

Born to an Indian mother,Vaswani had been coming to India in her spring break and that is when she was introduced to this form of exercise. “Coming to India then,all you could do was read Archie comics and stay at home. During that time yoga gurus used to come to teach my mom and I also learned it,” she added.

For her,yoga has proved to be a healer especially after she lost her mother at an early age. “Though a cliché,yoga helped me come out from the dark and it is special to me as it was close to my mother as well,” she said.

Vaswani added,“Life in Mumbai is stressful,which is not the case in New York or Boston,where I come from. There is organised stress there,while here it is totally stressful. In that yoga makes you mentally stronger and physically fit.” Baumann and Vaswani want to take such an initiative to promote yoga to the next level,with more kids from the affluent to the underprivileged section.

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