FSI raised for projects to house police, govt staff

FSI refers to the ratio of the extent of construction on a given plot area.

| Mumbai | Published: November 22, 2015 1:10:00 am

The Maharashtra government has increased the permissible construction area to house police personnel as well as government employees across the state.
The government said Saturday it had raised the Floor Space Index (FSI) for redevelopment in police housing projects to 4. It will also grant an FSI of 4 to plots of more than 4,000 square metres in the jurisdictions of A-class municipal corporations for housing of employees of the state government, local bodies, state undertakings and authorities. For small plots, the government has made available an FSI of 3.

FSI refers to the ratio of the extent of construction on a given plot area. In B and C-class corporations, housing projects for government employees can avail of an FSI of 3 for plots of over 4,000 square metre and 2.5 for smaller plots, while all government housing projects in D-class municipal corporations will get an FSI of 2.5.

“This decision has been taken to spur redevelopment of old police housing and other government quarters. The Maharashtra Police has a requirement of 1,22,952 houses for its personnel. In the last one year, 15,579 houses have been built for the police force in the state,” an official from the Chief Minister’s Office said.

He added that the move would help the government achieve its target of building 1 lakh houses for the police in the next two years.

The increased FSI would also be made available to private developers and landowners willing to build houses for police and government employees for an incentive, the official said.

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