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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Fit for Consumption

A range of desserts and snacks for health enthusiasts and diabetics is available online.

| Mumbai | Published: June 23, 2014 12:28:56 am
Almond Cookies Almond cookies

A Dubai-Based nutritionist, Rashi Chowdhary, often came across young people, even children, suffering from diabetes and weight-related health issues. She believed it was unfair to ask them to completely give up eating sweet food. Using her free time, Chowdhary started to experiment with recipes in which she could replace sugar, dairy and wheat flour with healthier ingredients.

After a year of trial and error, Chowdhary launched an online store in 2013 to sell her line of baked items and desserts in Dubai, called The Protein Bake Shop. Prompted by its success, Chowdhary has brought the concept to Mumbai, the city where she was born and grew up. She has started an online venture through which she sells items such as cookies, cakes, butters and muffins.

“Health enthusiasts and diabetics need food items with less sugar (carbohydrates) and high protein. I use natural sweeteners such as dates and honey, coconut oil in place of butter and other oil, and I replace regular flour with almond and coconut flour,” says Chowdhary about the fare on

The nutritionist admits her ingredients set her products apart. Avocado, 100 per cent dark chocolate, nuts and flaxseeds go into making her food items. Also, she ensures that no more than 10 gm of sweeteners or oil go into a batch of any product. The items are made fresh after the order is placed, and delivered on the same day. However, they need a minimum order of two items for delivery.

Her menu for Dubai differs from that of Mumbai’s. Chowdhury explains that, unlike Dubai, where health food movement began years ago, Mumbai is just witnessing the beginning of it. “It’s true that health food needs getting used to. People in Mumbai are yet to develop the palate for it. My almond cookies don’t sell much here but it’s the most popular item in Dubai,” the 29-year-old says. She is in talks with a few stores and gyms to retail out of.

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