Enquiries pour in for three-yr-old amputee

Samruddhi, who is sharing a bed with another three-year-old girl, kept crying or flaying her hands in the air for her aunt’s attention.

Written by Tabassum Barnagarwala | Mumbai | Published: May 8, 2014 12:55:34 am


Samruddhi is undergoing treatment at Sion hospital.(express) Samruddhi is undergoing treatment at Sion hospital. (express)

The plight of three-year-old Samruddhi Nagte —one of the victims who lost her left leg during train derailment — is slowly generating attention from various quarters. On Wednesday, three people enquired with the Sion hospital’s Medical Social Worker (MSW) department to financially aid the girl for her prosthesis.

Dr Suleman Merchant, head of radiology department at the hospital, said, “We are going to open a sub-account in the hospital’s ‘poor box fund’ for her. People can donate money directly there and it will be used for her future medical requirements. After knowing her father’s financial conditions, I received a lot of positive response from people who were enthusiastic to help her.”

Samruddhi’s father Jairam Nagte (38), a pest-control officer with a private company, sustained injuries after the Diva-Sawantwadi passenger train derailed near Roha on Sunday, her mother Surekha Nagte (35) passed away the same day. Samruddhi’s aunt Meenal Kavilkar said, “Whenever we mention her mother, she starts crying. It is as if she understands that her mother is no more. Her father is still not aware about Surekha’s death.”

On Wednesday, Samruddhi, who is sharing a bed with another three-year-old girl, kept crying or flaying her hands in the air for her aunt’s attention. Occasionally she poked her co-patient to share biscuits and on other counts she threw flying kisses or waved at the security guard, however, her discomfort due to the recent amputation regularly surfaced when she tried to move herself but could only lift her arms.
According to hospital’s dean Dr Avinash Supe, the hospital will bear the initial expenses of her surgery but aid will be needed when a prosthetic limb has to be procured. “Depending on how fast she grows, at least four prosthetic limbs will be required for her till she turns 18. We might need more if her growth is faster,” said Supe.

Another surgery will be performed on the girl in a week’s time. “On Monday, her leg was amputated. Now we will give her some rest and close the stump in a surgery after a week,” Supe added. Samruddhi had to undergo amputation after she lost the crucial six hours in the process of getting shifted to Sion hospital from Roha.

Harishchandra Chalke, her uncle, said, “We have still not informed Jairam about her amputation procedure. He has requested several times to visit his daughter. But every time we tell him that her leg is injured and he is not medically fit to move around.” The entire family was travelling to their native village Kalsure in Musal to attend Surekha’s brother’s wedding when the accident happened. Samruddhi’s elder sister Janvi (4) underwent a head surgery in Vashi’s MGM hospital on Tuesday while her younger sister Manasvi (1) is recuperating in Musal.


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