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Enabling strays find a home in south Mumbai

The drive witnessed 31 strays including 10 cats and 21 dogs being adopted.

A mother along with her son and friends stepped out on a sunny Sunday afternoon at the breezy Worli sea front. Little did the mother know that she would bring home a new member to the family — a brown dog with blue eyes — during a chance encounter with the ‘adopt-a-pet’ drive at the front.

The Animal Adoption Crusaders, an independent committee formed by a group of animal lovers committed to the rescue and adoption of homeless animals in alliance with all NGOs and like minded people had organised the drive for south Mumbai residents on Sunday afternoon.

With the goal to find as many homes as possible for all the homeless and abandoned dogs and cats, the drive, in partnership with the NGO World For All, tried to convince the audience to adopt 40 strays.


The drive witnessed 31 strays including 10 cats and 21 dogs being adopted.


“It is really surprising to see the turn out in south Mumbai. We never anticipated this. When we posted for adoptions and through past experience, we never received calls from south Mumbai residents,” said Taronish Bulsara, Founder and President of WFA. The children seemed to have played a big role in the parents adopting the strays and the other way round as well.

“We have a Labrador at home. We wanted her to come, look around and get acquainted to the fact that there are strays as well who need more help and now she wants to take home all of them,” said Nishant Badami, who came along with her three-year-old daughter Zoey. The organisers also counselled the new adopters on teething troubles of having a pet at home, including the fact that the animals would urinate and defecate inside the house.

“I love my new pup. Initially, my mom said not to adopt it, but she also fell in love with him (the pet),” said a 10-year-old boy, whose mother needed this counselling to prepare her for the rigours of adopting a pet.

A working couple and a sound engineer who came in to adopt a dog, ended up taking home with them two kittens. “We were told that with our schedule, cats would be more convenient to adapt to us,” the trio said.

The enthusiasts who walked seemed to enjoy every bit of the set up on Sunday. Right from getting your pet clicked to chocolate brownies, vetenarian help to alternative medicine and therapy for just-moved-in strays.

Celebrities including Shiamak Davar and Sandeep Soparkar paid a visit, making donations and encouraging the visitors.