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Eastward Ho

The Indian show at the Asian Games in Guangzhou may be nothing to sing about,but,at the closing ceremony.

Mumbai-based Ravi Tripathi to perform Jai Ho at the closing ceremony of the Asian Games in Guangzhou

The Indian show at the Asian Games in Guangzhou may be nothing to sing about,but,at the closing ceremony on November 27,our music will be one of the main features. Mumbai-based Ravi K Tripathi,32,who has been invited by the Asian Games Creative Team in China to perform at the ceremony,will hold the flag high for Indian culture.

Tripathi has sung for Chandni Chowk to China and a few other films. “I could not have received a bigger honour. In Bollywood,I have sung a couple of songs but I hope this performance will enable my talent to be recognised by the world,” says Tripathi who will open his performance with AR Rahman’s Jai Ho as more than 200 Chinese dancers perform to the tune. His 15-minute performance will include two other songs — one from his latest album Baatein and the other,a Chinese number that has been composed by a popular China-based music composer Henry Ctang.

“Music transcends all barriers and I had no problems learning the Chinese song that talks about peace and harmony. The diplomatic relations between the two countries may not be great,but people love Raj Kapoor there and even a cabbie has Aawara Hoon playing,” says Tripathi.


Ctang met Tripathi almost two years back when the Indian Idol 2 contestant was visiting China for a show. “He was in the audience and came backstage to say that he loved my voice and wanted me to perform at a Countdown to the Asian Games show,” says Tripathi. What he didn’t know was that the Countdown show,which took place last year,would also include Jackie Chan at the Guangzhou stadium.

It’s a moment etched in Tripathi’s memory,“It was nothing like I had ever experienced before. There were more than 50,000 people. And I was sharing the stage with none other than Jackie Chan,” says Tripathi.

For the closing,he will be accompanied by Jammu-based singer Tanya Gupta for female parts of Jai Ho. “Jai Ho is recognised globally and people love it everywhere. We’re waiting for the crowd to shout and sing through the lyrics,” says Gupta. Both singers have trained under Mumbai-based singer Suresh Wadekar.

Meanwhile,Tripathi has a couple of untitled film projects in the pipeline. After Guangzhou,he might just strike gold too.