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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

‘Degrees help to continue education’

Quest asked students of Mumbai schools if they need degrees to be successful.

By: Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: January 19, 2015 4:10:04 am

questThe historical success of college graduates has increased the demand for higher education, which in turn has changed the face of the modern educational system. In recent years, established universities have hiked their prices while new for-profit institutions have arrived on the scene to meet the demand of students who may not qualify for or cannot afford entrance into traditional colleges.

In spite of the changes, labor statistics bear out that college remains an excellent investment, especially if you take steps to afford college with less student loan debt and choose a great career field that pays well. With that said, there are still those for whom college is not an option or is a poor choice. It is for the benefit of these individuals that we examine the ten highest paying careers for high school graduates.

Abhilasha Varma, X B,
St Xavier’s High School, Kashigaon

High school can be difficult, but it is an important stepping stone into the adult world. Despite the benefits of earning a diploma, only 69 percent of all high school students graduate.

A high school diploma gives you opportunities to continue your education and the potential to earn more money.
Personal satisfaction and accomplishment are also important benefits. High school graduates also tend to have better health and are less likely to be involved in criminal activities.

Most universities require a high school diploma, though this is not the only requirement. You must do well in your classes and meet any additional requirements mandated by a particular school to be considered for acceptance.

Afreen Khan, X A,
St. Mary’s High School, Mira

Yes, we need a degree to be successful person, because degree qualification provides us opportunities to learn specialized subjects like history, economics, physics, chemistry etc. Accordingly, we can select our career and even pursue higher studies. Is it possible to become a physician without any degree? Practically, it is not possible.

Attending college provides opportunities for graduates which are not as wide spread to those who have not received a higher education. The importance of college education is also accentuated because of the opportunity to gain valuable resources during your tenure.
I would suggest degrees help us to study more for high salary jobs, as nowadays there are more scope for campus selection. At last I would like to conclude that every student should attend college.

Bhuvan Chandra, VII,
Ryan Christian School, Borivali (W)

If we describe success in today’s career oriented world, surely it will be: a proper job, being able to contribute back to society or achieve your personal goals. And to accomplish these, education is primary. No matter how much we are skilled, if we fail to get a high school qualification our talents go in vain. Just few papers of college degrees create the difference between an office peon and a top business executive. Because of education our abilities get a boost and we get shaped with many qualities which make us a better individual.
‘Education is the base of success’ — these keywords are accepted worldwide by everyone and hence the larger section of the population rely on education. There are exceptional personalities who climbed the ladder of success, but are not much learned; but fate might plan failures for us too. So to be the makers of our destinies, I opine that schooling comes foremost.

Jidnyasa S. Malvi, IX – D,
St. Lawrence High School, Borivali

Higher education (college degree) plays an important role in today’s modern society. Education plays a very important role in our lives. Everyone gets educated since the day he or she is born. There is rapidly growing demand for higher education in the world today.
Throughout most of 20th century, a high school diploma was usually enough to assume that applicants could handle most basic tasks, but recent changes in the global market have put an end to those traditions. Infact, most workers entering their first jobs today change career paths very frequently.

As a result, the demand for workers with college degrees has skyrocketed over the past few decades. In addition to the high financial value, higher education also makes individuals much more intelligent than what they would be with just a high school education.

Sandeep Guhe, XI Commerce,
St Aloysius High School & JR College, Nallasopara

In today’s world, the college degrees and high school diplomas are the proofs that you are educated enough to be prosperous in life. But, when we look a few centuries back, there was no sign of such educational process to become successful. People who changed the world, never really went to school or any other educational institute for degrees.

Yet, modern education’s importance never fades as it was set up not just to get degrees and diplomas, but to develop our brains and make them more skilful so that we could achieve better success in life. If we go by examples, then we have plenty of inspirational personalities who change the world today. People who follow three D’s which is devotion, determination and discipline constantly shall achieve definite success.

Mansi Mehta, IX-C,
St Lawrence High School, Kandivali

I am not against college degrees. I have one, and recommend college for many people. But some people are better off not going to college because it doesn’t align with their skills or career aspirations.

Success doesn’t rely on a piece of paper. And it shouldn’t. Success is the actions you take to achieve your dreams and goals in life. If that means attending college to receive a traditional 4-year degree, then awesome. And if that means doing on-the-job training and studying at night to get a license or certification, then that’s great too.

There is a lot of emphasis put on achieving a college degree, but it’s not the right choice for everyone. And it shouldn’t be. Choose the career path that makes you happy, work hard, continue to learn and provide value, and success will follow.

Nadeem Dange, X A,
St Mary’s High School, Mira Road

No, a high school diploma is not required to be successful in life today because there is no such thing as success by a degree. Take Bill Gates for example, a failure in Grade 10 is the owner of Microsoft; Steve Jobs- a college dropout but also the founder and owner of Apple Inc. ; Mukesh Ambani, uneducated; Lionel Messi- did not even attend school more than primary grades; Cristiano Ronaldo- 9th grade dropout and yet he won the Bollon D’or. It is not the degree that defines you instead it is the will power to do something; to do what you want with your life.

Nikita Pandey, AS,
Ryan Global School, Andheri

Higher education has taken on enormous importance for many Americans. Several in our focus groups reflected on the college education or the lack of one had made in their own lives, while others spoke of the impact of higher education on the lives of their children. A recent article in a national newspaper raised the question as to whether earning a bachelor’s degree or even an associate degree is really necessary for employment today. Several examples were given of individuals who had succeed in securing jobs, with little more than a high school diploma and specialized skill training gained either on the job or through short term career prep programs. Artists,chefs,waiters have raised their voice to say that no degree is important to be successful today. So, I think that it depends on one’s desire — what they want to be in their life.

Palak Ritesh Zaveri, IX,
St Lawrence High School, Borivali

Many advantages exist for students who stay in school and graduate with a high school diploma. A high school diploma opens the door to more job opportunities with higher earning potential. High school graduates exhibit more skills desired by employers and advance to higher positions within a company than those without a diploma. Every student should consider a high school diploma, which is the bare minimum requirement in the lifelong pursuit of self-sufficiency through a rewarding career. Though alternative routes to post-secondary education remain open to those without a high school diploma, it remains the most direct method for obtaining higher education. Four-year colleges and universities generally require a high school diploma.

Ridhi Kotian, IX-D,
St Francis High School, Vasai

Well education is required, but not really. Diplomas can open many doors for a professional life. Yes, there are others who are blessed enough to make it even without a high school diploma. Their stories are great examples of how a combination of hard work and few lucky breaks can help in today’s highly competitive environment. It pays to be equipped for the challenge of life and getting a high school diploma is equated with being knowledgeable and skilled and that is what most companies are on the lookout for as this is competitive age. So, people who own multinational companies need certified people as their employees. So, to earn money we should have those diplomas.

Shubham Kate, IX-C, St. Lawrence High School, Kandivli (E)

Yes, but not for the reasons that most would think. Life-long learning is the most important. The experience of college is learning experience of independence, responsibility and life. Through the activities that you do while in college with friendships that you develop will define who you are and what you will become in life.

Mihir Sheth, IX-D,
St Francis high school, Vasai

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