Cutting Chai, a Click Away

Cutting Chai, a Click Away

An online venture brings Mumbaikars’ beloved beverage to their doorstep

The website has tied up with local chaiwallahs for  the enterprise.
The website has tied up with local chaiwallahs for
the enterprise.


Until now, going to the nearest tapri has been the only way to get your midday dose of masala and gingery cutting chai goodness. However, a newly launched website is looking to change your office routine. Chotuchaiwala, a website started by eCommerce platform Zepo, ensures that your daily tea is delivered to you, wherever you are. Launched last month, one can sign up for weekly, fortnightly or monthly subscriptions on the website and get a daily cuppa delivered to the doorstep. Currently, the website caters to five areas in Bandra but plans to extend operations to South Mumbai soon. The subscriptions are priced at Rs 70 for a week and go up to Rs 280 a month, for one cup a day.

Varun KR, Marketing Executive at Zepo, states that the idea of the website was to increase the reach of the chaiwallahs. “We’ve seen everything sell online — from expensive furniture to groceries. So why not tea? We approached some chaiwallahs and explained the concept to them. They immediately came on board,” he says. At the moment, the logistics of the process are pretty straightforward. Once you subscribe to the offer that suits you, Zepo receives an SMS, which it then forwards to the respective chaiwallah. In the one month since the site has been active, Chotuchaiwalla has received over 60 subscriptions. KR says they plan to tie up with 25-30 more tea stalls in the next few months.

But what about the experience of sipping on a cutting by the roadside, which is part of its appeal? KR clarifies that Chotuchaiwala is not looking at taking away from that. “Sometimes, you just don’t have the time or the option to step out, like when it’s raining heavily or is too hot outside. This is where delivery comes handy.”