Cops turn to yoga to tackle stress

Cops turn to yoga to tackle stress

The police needs to be mentally healthy so that they can protect the city, Fadnavis told the audience.

The Mumbai police are looking at yoga as a possible solution to combat stress. Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis on Thursday inaugurated a yoga-based workshop organised by Bharitya Shikshan Mandal for the police and spoke on the significance of yoga for the 46,000-odd Mumbai police force.

“The police needs to be mentally healthy so that they can protect the city,” Fadnavis told an audience at Prerna Hall near Azad Maidan. Admitting that there was immense pressure on the Mumbai police force, Fadnavis said, “Yoga is a possible solution to tackle or control stress. Diabetes, blood pressure are only a few of the lifestyle diseases that have affected the police.”

Police said in 2014 147 officers died on duty across the city. “Of the 147, 41 had succumbed to heart attacks and three others had taken their own lives due to stress. There is stress and there is an overload of work on the police force. To perform our duties we must not only have a a fit body but an equally healthy mind,” said Mumbai police commissioner Rakesh Maria.

According to a senior police officer, the remaining 103 deaths are believed to be due to malaria and dengue that have claimed many lives in the city this past year. “Human resources is the only major resource available to us. Mental health is a serious concern. We ought to treat the symptoms and yoga is one of the best techniques. One could do it in their own private space to stay mentally healthy, there is no requirement for an infrastructure such as a gym,” said Dhananjay Kamlakar, JCP (law and order).

On Thursday, around 60 police personnel from stations across Mumbai participated in the workshop, where they were taught four sets of ways to practice yoga. The officers would then go on to teach other police personnel from their respective stations, police said.