Cops add murder charge in accidental death case

Footage shows Bhavan, the deceased, and another man getting into a physical altercation over a minor accident.

| Mumbai | Updated: June 19, 2015 2:45:12 am
murder, murder case, accidental death charge, Rameshwar temple, jogeshwari, mumbai news, india news The police identified the deceased as Kamal Bhavan.

With fresh evidence in the form of CCTV footage, Andheri police have registered a case of murder after a 52-year-old was found dead in his car, police said. The body was found on May 31.

The police identified the deceased as Kamal Bhavan, a private bank recovery agent and the elder brother of actress Poonam Jhawar (38).

Bhavan was found in his car opposite a Rameshwar temple in Jogeshwari. The police placed the time of death between 4.33 pm and 7.30 pm.

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P R Sonawane, assistant commissioner of police (Andheri division), said that a case of an accidental death had been recorded but murder charges were added on Wednesday evening.

“In the video we saw Bhavan and one man get into a physical altercation over a minor accident involving Bhavan’s car and the scooter of the accused,” said a senior police officer. Officers said Bhavan appeared to be intoxicated in the CCTV footage and was seen receiving multiple blows from the accused.

“None of the injuries appear to be grievous. The accused is later seen putting Bhavan in the car after the fist fight and drives away,” the officer added.

“There are numerous witnesses seen in the footage but no one contacted the Police Control Room,” a police officer said.

The police said Bhavan could have also died of suffocation in his car. They are awaiting for the final cause of death is yet to be ascertained and are awaiting Chemical Analysis from Kalina’s FSL.

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