Comic Space

Comic Space

Having moved out of Palladium,The Comedy Store has independently tied up with venues to host stand-up nights across Mumbai and other cities.

WE Indians have messed with the English language,” said Rohan Joshi,“For instance,we often use the word ‘practise’ in place of ‘rehearse’ when there’s a clear difference between the two. The Indian cricket team practises while the Pakistani cricket team rehearses.” Joshi’s explanation had the audience in splits. The success of their latest stand-up night for The Comedy Store was encouraging for comedians Joshi,Sapan Varma and Atul Khatri,since the Thursday performance at St Andrews Auditorium,Bandra,was their first with the popular British comedy club after the latter moved out of Palladium,Lower Parel.

Don Ward,CEO,The Comedy Store,explains that their joint venture with Horseshoe Entertainment and Hospitality is now over due to certain disagreements. “As with marriages and contracts,things aren’t always for life,” he said on the phone from the UK. The Indian branch of The Comedy Store is now a property wholly owned by him.

After the fallout,the space that it occupied at Palladium has been replaced by a local comedy club called Canvas Laugh Factory that has been set up by Horseshoe. The Comedy Store management,on the other hand,has decided against moving into a new space immediately but wants to associate themselves with independent venues in Mumbai and other cities to host stand-up nights under their property name as they did for the Thursday event. They have also tied-up with Blue Frog to introduce stand-up nights as a part of the venue’s regular programming and the first of the series was held on Sunday with a performance by Khatri,Vipul Goyal and Daniel Fernandes.

Charlotte Ward,Director and Assistant Producer,The Comedy Store (India) Pvt Ltd,says,“We are content with exploring other venues and Blue Frog makes for a great partner.” The Comedy Store’s Delhi debut is scheduled for May 24 with a “Best in Stand-up” show that will feature Amit Tandon,Kunal Rao and Raghava Mandava.