CM in favour of debate on irrigation projects

CM in favour of debate on irrigation projects

Wants Opposition to show the way to mitigate the water crisis in the state

Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan wants a debate on the irrigation sector.

At a meeting of Congress and NCP ministers Friday,he said a healthy debate on irrigation should be permitted in the state Assembly and Council.

Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar is,however,opposed to the idea.

Sources in the government said,“There is a clear division on the debate between Congress and NCP. While Chavan wants the Opposition to debate and show the way to mitigate drought,Pawar thinks the proposal is politically motivated. NCP believes the Opposition will use the opportunity to malign the image of its ministers.”


Before Sunil Tatkare,Pawar was in charge of the water resources ministry.

The sources quoted Chavan as saying: “In the monsoon session,the discussion should be on how to address problems in irrigation projects that require massive funds to end the water crisis.”

The government wants the Opposition to come up with suggestions and ideas.

The Chief Minister wants to revive irrigation projects languishing for decades to tide over the water crisis. He wants suggestions from all parties.

According to him the debate should be on: “Should the government go ahead with projects that have been completed 75 per cent but stuck for a lack of funds. If the government gives priority to these projects,new projects will have to be shelved for a few years.

“Another way is to allow old projects to take their own time and focus on new ones region-wise in drought-hit districts.

“The third option is to allocate funds region-wise — Marathwada,Vidarbha,North Maharashtra and Western Maharashtra — and let elected members decide.”

Chavan to visit flood-affected Vidarbha today

Prithviraj Chavan will visit select flood- and rain-affected parts of Vidarbha Saturday. Chavan,who will land in Amravati,will first visit Karanja in Washim district where damage to agruiculture has been reported. He will then visit Chan drapur city and nearby areas before reviewing relief and rehabilitation measures with officials at Divisional Commissionerate in Nagpur. He will return to Mumbai at night.