Chembur residents plan CCTVs to curb street crime

Chembur residents plan CCTVs to curb street crime

To bear Rs 22 lakh cost, posts identified to install cameras.

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According to residents, 64 high-resolution CCTV cameras with night vision facility will be installed. Express Photo

Keeping in mind the growing incidents of chain-snatching, pick pocketing and eve teasing, a group of residents in Chembur has decided to install electronic surveillance system to curb such crimes. Residents of Subhash Nagar area in Chembur have started identifying posts where they plan to install closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras in an effort to try and identify those involved in such crimes.

The residents recently met some NGOs, police and even public representatives of the area after a few incidents of street crimes were reported last year to firm up a plan to address this challenge. After a series of meetings, it was decided to install CCTV cameras to monitor sensitive spots following which the police have also agreed to increase patrolling in the area.

“Once the CCTV cameras are installed from where the maximum number of incidents were reported, we can urge the police to increase patrolling, especially during late evenings. The video footage will not only be monitored at the Govandi police station but also at the society premises,” said Prasad Ambe, a local resident.

Locals contend that instead of relying on the government, police and civic bodies, the onus of taking care of the locality should be on themselves. “Waiting for the police to do something or the government to act on such issues is stupid as these are just small incidents for them. But for us it is a major issue of concern as it involves our families. So, we should act on it and take initiatives like these. We can then request the police to extend their support,” Ambe said.


According to residents, 64 high-resolution CCTV cameras with night vision facility will be installed at the entry and exit point of the roads, bus stops, auto stands, schools, NG Acharya College and residential buildings at an estimated cost of Rs. 22 lakh. They have started raising the amount by pooling in money.
Manish Parekh, another resident said, “Just installing CCTVs is not the only solution, but vigilance needs to be increased too in terms of visits by cops and night patrolling. However, this will prove to be a big relief for the people especially women and senior citizens who can then go for their evening walks in the vicinity without any fear.”

“My daughter returns from work around 11.30 pm and my home is just a 10-minute walk from the bus stop. After a few incidents of chain snatching and eve teasing, I send my son or my husband to pick her up everyday as I fear that she too can become a victim. Now that installation of CCTV cameras have been planned, women, children and senior citizens will feel safe,” another local said.

In 2014, the street crime rate had fallen by 67%, with 1,409 cases registered across the city which further declined to 780 till December 2015.

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