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Sunday, March 29, 2020

‘Breakfast keeps our metabolism in order’

Quest asked students of Mumbai schools: Is breakfast the most important meal of the day?

| Mumbai | Published: December 8, 2014 3:48:30 am


Breakfast is essential every morning as it gives energy to everyone. People need breakfast to perform their best. I strongly agree that breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it provides a boost for everyone, especially kids; it revs up your metabolism, it helps with your weight control. Initially, while adults need to eat breakfast each day to perform their best, kids need it even more. Their growing bodies and developing brains rely heavily on the regular intake of food. When kids skip breakfast, they end up being hungry for long periods of time. As a result, it causes physical, intellectual and behavioural problems for them.
Eating breakfast is a great way to get your metabolism work well for the day. When your body receives food in the morning, it tells your brain that you’re going to need to start working to digest it. This wakes up the system and warms up the metabolism so it is ready to work throughout the day. When you don’t eat breakfast in the morning, your body thinks that it needs to conserve the energy it has because it isn’t getting any more nutrition. This actually slows your metabolism down, which results in a decrease in the amount of calories you burn all day long.
Eating breakfast will boost you through the whole day, giving the much need energy to perform tasks. ‘Breakfast’ literally means ‘breaking the fast’. After a long night where-in one does not consume any food (fast) the breakfast helps in supplying essential nutrients.  Unfortunately, too many people are skipping breakfast or not eating a healthy breakfast and those people are suffering. So, breakfast is certainly the most important meal of the day.
SHRADDHA AJIT PARKAR, Class IX, VPM Vidya Mandir, Dahisar

Every meal a man, woman, or child consumes plays a role in their daily physical and mental well-being. There are deciding factors in determining which meal has the greatest importance.
The first meal of the day is called breakfast, because it literally breaks the fast that has lasted ten to twelve hours since the last meal of the previous day. Breakfast is proven to be the most important meal of the day.
Without breakfast, some people become less able to do physical work in the late morning hours and some students do not perform well in the classroom. When one skips breakfast, their body shuts down their metabolism in an attempt to preserve what it contains, which causes drowsiness. There are many reasons why breakfast should be a part of people’s everyday diet, but some people just do not have time to eat breakfast.
So, for me breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
Jay Surana, RBK School

Breakfast is the most essential meal. It breaks the long overnight fast, helping you get up and get going. Most importantly eating breakfast helps you to stop feeling hungry later and therefore you’ll be more alert at school and work as you have consumed energy in food kilojoules to concentrate. There have been a number of studies conducted over the past years, many concluding that breakfast is important for all of us. Unfortunately, too many people are skipping breakfast and those people are suffering a variety of consequences. Not only is it important for everyone to eat breakfast, but unquestionably essential for us to eat breakfast and break the habit of skipping breakfasts. Such people are prone to having slower reaction times and are more accident prone. We are the major concern group for skipping breakfast, because this leads to greater hyperactivity, rudeness and many more.
Pratikshya Sahoo, Class VII, IGCSE, RBK school, Mira Road

You must be having an idea of the first meal of the day-breakfast. People don’t leave their houses before having a sumptuous breakfast. Almost all of us have our breakfast and leave for the day, from tiny school children till working adults.
Now let us see what breakfast is;
A diet with complete nutrients, vitamins and minerals.
Improves performance of the day.
Provides us with more strength and endurance for physical activities.
Has a low cholesterol level.
Having a nutritious breakfast at the start of your day helps you maintain your weight, blood glucose levels and your metabolism. Some people are outlandish; they pass over breakfast and think that they are skipping calories. If you try to gaze at the scientific report you will see that people who skip breakfast are over weight. Friends to have a healthy lifestyle, have a nutritious and wholesome breakfast.
Dishantika Puri, Class VII, RBK School, Mira road (E)

“Have breakfast like a king, lunch like a peasant and dinner like a beggar.” This famous quote guides us about the right sequence of food intake throughout the day.
Breakfast is perhaps the most important meal of the day. The quality of the day ahead depends on what we eat early in the morning. A healthy start leads to a fresh and eventful day. It is a common misconception that breakfast should be light and the following meals, heavy. Instead, the breakfast should be the heaviest meal of the day. We should have a fresh heavy meal to satisfy the hunger that has built overnight and to provide us with unfathomable energy for the tiring day that follows. It is easier for our body to digest loads of food during the day time rather than night.
Another grave mistake committed by many people is to skip breakfast. Mickey Wahlberg, the editor of the monthly magazine, “The Calorie General” quotes that the effect of leaving breakfast out from daily routine is more severe than the effect of food poisoning. Also, a research by the students of Harvard University concludes that people who have regular breakfast decrease their chances of developing obesity and cardio-vascular decrease by 47% than those who don’t.
It is utterly necessary to have a fresh, energising and heavy breakfast to kick start the day with zeal and to perform dynamically throughout.
Tejas Tiwari, Class IX Vissanji Academy

After waking up, we feel somewhat lazy but after having some breakfast, we feel energetic. Breakfast provides the body and brain with energy after an overnight fast. That’s why it is named break-fast.
However, if we skip it, we are going to face problems like , not being able to focus on a particulat activity, feeling bored etc. Eating breakfast is a great way to keep our metabolism working well for the day. Breakfast also maintains the blood glucose levels. After having a nutritious meal in the morning, it is easier to get into a good mood and it will give our brain a kick to start a whole new day. Not only will eating a nutritious breakfast, keep us fresh but it will also maintain our weight and maintain a healthy heart. Eating a healthy breakfast means it should include whole grains, fruits, vegetables or a lean protein such as egg.
One must eat a good lunch but a light dinner. A light dinner eaten early,  will help us digest the food and keep us relaxed and rested throughout the night.
So eat dinner as a pouper, lunch like a prince and breakfast like a king and keep your body healthy, smart and active.
MADHURA PRASHANT VAIDYA, Class VIII, Vpm’s Vidya Mandir, Dahisar

In today’s fast and busy life people often neglect their health. Breakfast is always neglected especially by the working population as they do not consume much food early in the morning and then they wait till lunch. But why is breakfast said to be the most
It is because after consuming our dinner we directly eat after 7-8 hours and our body needs energy to carry out the whole days workouts. Even if we skip our lunch or dinner its okay but skipping the breakfast causes an adverse effect on our health and even makes our body system weak. So have your Breakfast like a King, lunch like a middle class and dinner like a beggar!
Aishwarya Nair, Class IX, St Francis High School, Vasai 

During a busy morning, it’s easy to let breakfast fall low in your list of priorities, but taking just a few minutes to have something to eat can really make a difference to your day. If you don’t have time to eat before leaving the house, we have lots of breakfast ideas that can be eaten on-the-go or when you get to work.
Breakfast provides the body and brain with fuel after an overnight fast – that’s where its name originates, breaking the fast!  Without breakfast you are effectively running on empty, like trying to start the car with no petrol!
Apart from providing us with energy, breakfast foods are good sources of important nutrients such as calcium, iron, vitamin-B as well as protein and fibre.  The body needs these essential nutrients and research shows that if these are missed at breakfast, they are less likely to be compensated for later in the day. In my opinion breakfast is the most important meal of the day
DARSHIT CHETAN SHAH, Class VII, St Lawrence High School, Borivali (W)

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