Birthdays,fun days are the best days

Birthdays,fun days are the best days

The best day will be different for different people. For a rich man,it would be the day he becomes the richest.

The best day will be different for different people. For a rich man,it would be the day he becomes the richest. For a common man,it would be a day without tension and for a poor man,the day he gets a full meal.

The best day in my life would be when I would successfully transform India into one of the best nations. The day I would become an IAS Officer. JAI HIND!!

Khubi Agarwal,

LR & SM Vissanji Academy

Life is a collection of good and bad experiences. My best day will be a day of hapiness,in an amusement park. People have this prejudice that the aged cannot enjoy in an amusement park but this is not true. My parents,my grandparents and I reached an amusement at 9 am. As I stood astonished seeing the number and type of rides,I saw my grandparents in a queue for a roller-coaster ride. We went for land rides first. It was marvellous. The smiles,screams and jokes. During water rides,I felt like I have jumped into an ocean of happiness. I enjoyed everything to the fullest. Each second of that day is a great moment in my life.

Shawn Shaji,

LR & SM Vissanji Academy

It is said that in the end it does not matter how many breaths you took but how many breathtaking moments you experienced. Each and every person experiences breathtaking moments. These are their best days.


There have been many breathtaking experiences in my life but the most adventurous and exciting day was a day in Disneyland of Paris. I have always been fond of fairies but I never thought I could see their world. To spend a whole day in Disneyland is dream come true. I was also lucky to see Disney Parade and the fireworks.

That day was the best day of my life. I wish I could be there every day because no place in this massive world has given me joy and happiness like Disneyland.

Keshika B Tank,XA,

Arunodaya Public School,Vijay Park,Kasarvadavli,Thane

The best day of my life is 6th August,2004,my birthday. My birthday is very special to me because on my birthday I can do whatever I want. I get up early in the morning and pray to God. Then I get blessings from parents.

This birthday,there was a great party in the evening . I wore my new jeans and shirt. All my friends and relatives were invited. My dad bought a chocolate cake for me. All my friends sang the birthday song for me. We had a lot of fun .We played,sang and danced. My friends and relatives gave me presents. My mom and dad gave me my favourite game. My mom made my favourite dish,paav bhaji. It was a great birthday party and the best day of my life.

Achintya,IV A,

DAV Public School

My best day is the day when we visited Mahabaleshwar in summer vacation. It takes six hours to drive from Thane to Mahabaleshwar. We stayed at Keys Resort which has a very big lobby,swimming pool,games centre,garden and restaurants.

In the morning,father and I swam in the pool. My father taught a boy swimming. When that boy started swimming,I felt so proud of my father. After that we three played badminton & cricket. Then we went to a restaurant and had a delicious meal.

After lunch,since it was hot outside,we thought of taking rest in our room. Our room was spacious. It had a big bathroom and a small balcony. The balcony had a very good view of the swimming pool and the garden. The garden was full of colourful flowers and blueberry trees.

After resting for some time,we went to the Mapro garden. Mapro company produces various juices & chocolates. I saw chocolate making at the factory. As Mahabaleshwar is famous for its strawberries & mulberries,we bought some. After that we went to a market. This market has so many shops of sweaters & shawls,purses,hats,chikkis & chanas.

After sunset,we went back to the resort. The resort was decorated with small,colourful lights which were looking like stars. Before going to bed we planned activities for the next day.

I was so happy being with my mother and father. We had a very nice time. I wished this vacation should not end.

Aditya Divekar,IV F,

DAV Public School

My 9th birthday was one of the best days of my life. A few days before my birthday,I had fractured my left ankle. I was advised complete rest by the doctor.

I would sit and cry seeing all my friends play. I was sad since I thought I won’t be able to celebrate my birthday.

But I was proved wrong.

My parents arranged a wonderful surprise. They made all arrangements for my birthday party without my knowledge. They bought me a long gown so that the plaster will not be visible. All my friends were invited and my favourite food was prepared. The games in the party were so planned that I could participate without getting up.

It was one of the best birthday parties and I would always remember the efforts taken by all to make me forget my pain and enjoy my birthday.

Aishwarya IYER, IV-H,

DAV Public School

Hello…my name is Anjana and I am going to tell about my brother’s birth.

We were three members — my father,mother and I. I was bored; I had no brother/sister. It was Friday when I come back from school,I was totally tired,there was no one to play with me because mother was doing house work and father was in office. Next day,we went to a temple and I prayed to god.

After some months,my mother was in hospital. Finally,that day came when my brother was born. As I came back from school,my grandmother told me you have got a brother. When I reach the hospital,I saw him. He was too cute,he was sleeping. The next day we brought him home. Now,he is of two years. When I come back from school,he says sister let’s play. He always plays with me.

Anjana Ratnakar,

DAV Public School

My best day was when I got medals in school on Sports Day. I was very happy on that day as the principal gave me the medals. My classmates clapped for me and friends congratulated me. I got medals in potato race and running. I was also attending skating coaching class every Sunday in school. I participated in an open competition held in Vashi. More than 300 students from various cities participated in the competition. There was a short and a long race. The short race was three rounds and long race five rounds. I won bronze medals in both.

We celebrated the achievement by visiting Korum mall. I played video games and also got a new dress from my parents. We also had dinner in a restaurant in the mall. It was the best day for me.

Gauri Bapat,IV C,

DAV Public School

Dear friends,today I will share with you my best day memories. It was my birthday party and my loving dad gifted me my pet dog,Dollar. My dad gave me the surprise in a beautiful basket. When I opened it,there was Dollar my doberman. He was very cute and jumped on me and started liking me and playing with me as if he was known to me. My friends in the party were surprised like me and some were jealous. I was really very happy to have my best friend and a caretaker. My dad was very happy seeing that I loved his gift.

After the party I slept with Dollar. In fact,I slept when he went to sleep. I am really thankful to be a child of my loving parents.

Hriday R Panchal,IV D,

DAV Public School

It was 23rd March 2013,my school result day. I was a little nervous but sure I would get good marks. I entered my classroom and my teacher gave me a big smile. I was excited as I got the certificate of merit in std 3rd. I was very happy. My teachers,friends and parents all congratulated me. All students clapped for me. I had got the merit certificate for student of the year. My name was written in block letters on the board near the school gate. My parents and I felt very proud.

We went directly to the sweet mart. There,we purchased a lot of sweets. We went to the temple to thank god. Then,we went home where my grandmother was eagerly waiting for us. She too was very happy. I distributed sweets to my neighbours and friends. Then,I had lunch in a restaurant with my family. After that we went to see a movie. The whole day was very wonderful and exciting . It was the best day of my life.

Malhar M Chorge,IV- E,

DAV Public School

The best day of my life was 8th December 2012. On this day,I had my thread ceremony,also known as ‘navjote’. Navjote is a traditional ceremony of the Parsees after which one becomes eligible to enter the Zoroastrian religion. On his auspicious occasion,I had invited my cousins,relatives,school friends,teachers and others who are close to me.

My navjote was held at the famous Parsee hall in Albless Baug,Girgaon. There was a special ceremony performed by the priest who gave me the traditional ‘sadra’ and ‘kasti’. My parents then gave me new clothes and my uncle gave me a beautiful wrist watch which I loved. After the ceremony,we went to the agiary to seek blessings of the Almighty.

All those who had come wished and gave me a lot of gifts. I also had the opportunity to cut a delicious double-layered chocolate cake which was specially ordered for the occasion. There were tattoo and caricature artists catering to the children invited.

My parents had arranged for good music and delicious traditional Parsee food. We all danced together to the music played by the DJ. We also took group photographs and video-recorded all the special moments.


At the end,I was totally exhausted but I thoroughly enjoyed the day.

Jehan Gandevia,IV E,

DAV Public School