Back to College

Back to College

Those who have seen her sashaying down the ramp would probably agree that model Jessie Randhawa...

Model Jessie Randhawa on playing professor in Anurag Kashyap’s Gulaal

Those who have seen her sashaying down the ramp would probably agree that model Jessie Randhawa,with her statuesque height and boyish cropped hair,looks everything but the quintessential Bollywood girl. That could be one reason why director Anurag Kashyap,with his penchant for the offbeat,zeroed in on her for Gulaal. “It was a long time back-right after he made Paanch and the Censor Board did not allow the film to be released. He called me for a script session and I was totally convinced about Anurag’s mettle as a director,” says the Mumbai model,even as the film opened to stupendous reviews last week.

Randhawa plays a professor who falls victim to college politics in Rajasthan. “It isn’t a happy character. But Anurag said it was apt for me and I thought it gave me enough scope to prove myself as an actor,” she nods. It is’t Randhawa’s first time in front of the camera-she debuted in Nabhkumar Raju’s flop Chot (2004) and followed it up with a more memorable item number in Kashyap’s No Smoking. “I don’t think dancing around trees or wearing a wig suit my personality. I’d rather do exciting things-lip-sync to a male voice,get under the skin of a troubled character,” says the woman,whose next appearance is a cameo in Srinivasan Bhashyam’s Love Khichdi.

Despite the many fashion weeks on her plate,Randhawa has no difficulty finding time for moves outside the ramp. “That’s an advantage with fashion. You always have enough time on hand. Besides,with the meltdown,if you have more alternatives to keep you going,the better for you. Of late,dance (Randhawa performs regularly with partner Sandip Soparrkar) has really got me involved. Maybe,Gulaal will see me get more focussed on Bollywood.”